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Tweetsgiving Indianapolis Shows Social Media Techniques

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We joined other central Indiana bloggers to offer a word of thanks during the holiday season. We called it: “Tweetsgiving Indianapolis.”

Made up words like “tweetsgiving” deserve some explanation. This is a combination of the term “Tweet”, meaning to send a message via service Twitter, and the word “thanksgiving.”

A non-profit group called Epic Change organized this fundraiser using Twitter with the word “tweetsgiving.” In only 48 hours, they collected $10,000 almost entirely from small donors. Members of the Indianapolis blogging community are took part in a larger effort which included an event at at Scotty’s Brewhouse downtown.

The process for participating in this event was simple.

1. TWEET THANKS: Share something you’re thankful for with all your twitter followers. Your tweets can be touching or silly, poignant or fun. Just tweet from the heart and be sure to include the #TweetsGiving tag and a link to:

2. GIVE: Make a donation in honor of whatever – or whomever – you’re grateful for.

* Every $10 buys a brick to build a classroom in Tanzania. (1,000 bricks = new classroom!) Email your TweetsGiving tweet to, and it will be painted on your brick!

* For $100 or more, you’ll be named one of our “Top Turkeys” and we’ll list your gift on our site.

* Or, with the holiday season approaching, you may buy unique gifts at: With each purchase, you’ll add one or more bricks to a new classroom at the school.

3. SPREAD THE GRATITUDE: Follow @TweetsGiving to fill your twitter stream with gratitude, then blog, retweet, or even change your avatar to the TweetsGiving Turkey.”

Thanksgiving is such a meaningful holiday because everyone understands gratitude. The comforts and assurances of life may range  to include great personal success, home-cooked meals or simply the kind words of friends and family. Likewise, in our business we have something special to be thankful for: the opportunity to help people improve.

consultants giving thanks

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This is a rarer gift than it may seem. Not all potential clients are ready to make changes to workflow or are willing to acknowledge the possibility of working more productively. Even those who recognize the need for change do not always want to speak to outside consultants. We understand that sometimes just opening the doors is the greatest challenge of all. It not only requires trust, but also the ability to admit that there could be a need for change. We are truly grateful that we continue to find organizations that are willing to talk about positive change from within.

The business of business improvement has no secrets. If we can help you find a way to work smarter from one 15 minute presentation, we are grateful for the opportunity to do so. Of course, our business runs on revenue from paying clients. Yet, in all truthfulness, the chance to help is all the reason we need to be here. Proceeds from this event went to help Epic Change.

Epic Change is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that uses the power of stories to create social change. Their current project is to rebuild and expand Shepherds Junior, a primary school in Arusha, Tanzania. Mama Lucy Kamptoni, a savvy and passionate local woman, started the school near her home in 2003 with the money she raised from selling chickens. She believes that education is the key to transforming a country gripped by poverty. By participating in TweetsGiving, you’re investing in the education and future of students like Gideon, Pius, Glory, and many more who have the potential to change the world. All the funds raised will go to build a new classroom at the school.

Thanks again for the opportunity to help you improve. We are truly thankful.

Other participants that were involved in Tweetsgiving Indianapolis:

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