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Time Zones and Productivity

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Who knew that something as simple as what time zone you happen to live in can affect your productivity? Is there even anything that can be done about it?

It’s not something many of us give any thought to. Time zones? Those don’t really come into mind when giving thought to being efficient. We have actually looked into the most productive areas in America. But the Todoist blog pointed out that a study proves there is definitely something to the thought that productivity rates are impacted by time zones:

According to a study, people in the Central and Mountain time zones are 4% more likely to be awake at 7:00am and 3.5% more likely to be at work by 8:00am.

That’s actually a pretty big deal. So how does this compare to other regions? Let’s find out how it works in the United States:

On the other hand, if you live in the Pacific time zone, you are 5% more likely to be awake at 7:00am than people in the Eastern zone (do early morning conference calls ring a bell?!).

Wow. That can’t be right…right? Are other areas productive than our Eastern neighbors?

Researchers also found that, while people in the Eastern timezone started work later than those in the Central, Easterners were more likely to work over lunch, this erasing possible productivity gaps.

time zones and worker productivity

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Apparently, the correlation between time zones and workplace productivity is a world wide issue. Over in Europe, Spain actually attempted to change their time zone because they felt it would increase their productivity. According to their studies, Spaniards sleep an hour less than the World Health Organization advocates. The thought process is that, since they should technically be on Portugal and the UK’s time zone, their productivity could benefit from a change in time.

In Russia, which reduced the country’s time zones from eleven to nine, the debate over day light savings and standard time that had been raging was finally settled. They have decided to enforce permanent daylight saving time to all nine zones. Even Chile has worked with their time zones to become more energy efficient.

So what can you do to see productivity growth, regardless of the time zone you happen to be in? Know your peak performance hours, turn up the tunes, and make a good to-do list. Our business process consultants couldn’t agree more on those organizational productivity tips. Reach out to our corporate productivity specialists here at AccelaWork if you would like more information on how to dominate productivity!

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