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Taking A Vacation Increases Worker Productivity

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Some of us are leery of taking our vacation time now that jobs have become so scarce. What if you come back and your position is no longer necessary? But in reality, taking that vacation makes you even more valuable.

An article from The Salt Lake Tribune brought to light that a study done by the Society of Human Resource Management, which randomly picked 481 human resource professionals in the U.S., revealed something surprising. The majority agree that employees should use all of their their vacation days.

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Taking the time off that you have earned will actually boost your productivity. It increases morale within the company as well as increases employee satisfaction and retention.

“The point is that time to renew fuels productivity rather than undermining it,” said Tony Schwartz, CEO of The Energy Project, a group working to change the way the world works.

Travel Industry Association, a group working to promote the idea that taking a vacation is a healthy change to make to your lifestyle, found that not taking a break can be detrimental to your body. Mayo Clinic also states that stress leads to insomnia, anxiety, irritability and depression. Taking time off from your routine can help rid your body of all that negativity.

The Society for Human Resource Management has some more opinions on taking vacation time. 72% of SHRM members that took part in a survey say that if employees were taking more vacation time, they would be more productive. Despite this, many workers still leave vacation time unused. 6 out of 10 organizations state that most employees only used an average of 3 or more vacation days per year.

Some companies have found that when they implement a “use it or lose it” strategy when it comes to taking a breather instead of rolling vacation time over, workers are forced to take their time off which in turn increases productivity. 7 in 10 organizations who enforce that policy agree that employees who take all of their vacation time will stay at their jobs longer.

Basically, it’s time to pack up the bathing suit and take off for a while. It will only help by improving workplace productivity while vacationing. So put your sunglasses on, don’t forget the sunscreen, and reach out to our corporate productivity consultants should you need some guidance.

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Alyssa Shea

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