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Taking Chances vs. Fearing Failure

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For those of us afraid of making mistakes, avoiding the unknown and sidestepping risk can certainly seem appealing. Yet, overcoming the fear of failure and taking chances can prove extremely beneficial. For AccelaWork’s founder, achieving productivity comes from tackling challenges head on—even if it means writing a blog post in under five minutes. 


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In an interview for Mixwest 2010, Robby Slaughter had an opportunity to highlight some of his recent success. During the discussion, Nat Finn touched upon Slaughter’s new book, Failure: The Secret To Success, and his Mixwest 2010 session, “Producing Content Without Agony.” A snippet of the interview is below.

1 – Mixwest 2010 might be dubbed, “The Year of the Writer.” Congratulations on publishing your book, “Failure: The Secret to Success.” Besides the implied reasons found in the title, what specifically inspired you to write the book?

Thanks! Fear of failure is the most gripping and serious problem we face at work and in life. Making mistakes is essential to learning, yet we seem to be afraid of doing anything wrong. I wrote the book to establish a conversation around what enables us to succeed in our professional and personal world. I hope that it helps others feel inspired to embrace the role of failure.

5 – During a session of Mixwest 2009 you claimed you wrote a post in 8 minutes [correct me if that’s wrong]. Have you since broken that record?

It was nine minutes and forty seconds. I think I’ve done it much less time, but I don’t usually take out a stopwatch while blogging. The promise for Saturday afternoon is to write one in under five minutes. Come and see if it can be done!

Turns out, Slaughter had managed to create a detailed, comprehensive blog only in four minutes and ten seconds. And though he certainly broke his blogging record, he admits doing so wasn’t his main goal. Instead, it was to simply inspire others to adopt similar strategies when it comes to content development and workflow improvement. Hopefully, after witnessing the feat, all the session participants can freely attest to his intentions and, ultimately, his results!

That said, Slaughter didn’t show up off the street and write a post in under five minutes. He has been blogging for years and has found the best strategies for efficiency in his posting. He has improved his writing speed and quality through many hours of practice. Perhaps you’re just starting out and don’t have the practice or experience to have your own workflow figured out. That shouldn’t matter at all! Slaughter’s achievement from Mixwest should be an inspiration for anyone at any stage of their business. If your strategies are sound and you’re serious about achieving your goals, you can reach a similar level in no time at all.

Your goal may not be to write a blog post in under five minutes or even in under ten. It could simply be to realize that content development is not always a daunting task. If Slaughter can write a post in four minutes and ten seconds, then surely even less experienced writers do not need days or even weeks of preparation to come up with a quality post. And his achievement is a great example of what proper planning and practice can lead to. Regardless of what your business goals are, if you approach them in a smart, strategic manner, it should be much easier (and take much less time) to reach those achievements.

Still unsure of how this can apply to your business? We can help! To learn more about efficiency in the workplace and how to use proper strategies and a quality workflow to improve your business, don’t hesitate in contacting the consulting team at AccelaWork today!

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