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Taking on the Bullies at Work

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When we hear the word “bully”, it’s hard to picture anything outside the typical image of a buff teenager who teases others and is the source of peer pressure in school. But we as adults know, there’s no age limit when it comes to creating negative, unproductive environments dominated by power struggles.

The Indianapolis Business Journal highlighted the topic of bullying bosses. The article “When Bosses Behave Like Bullies“, points out more than just what occurs in an office when employees feel berated or pressured from their managers. The author is AccelaWork’s very own Robby Slaughter.

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It discusses how we can move forward in our own productivity despite the negativity that impedes our own confidence and/or motivation. Below is an excerpt from the article:

Instead of preparing a list of grievances or trying to complain through official channels, there is a more effective way to deal with bully bosses. It’s the same strategy to use with anyone who is negatively affecting your workplace experience: Focus on the fundamental purpose of work. The reason you have a job is to produce. No matter whether the behavior others exhibit is uncooperative, distracting or demeaning, they will hurt your productivity. Your ultimate ally against any workplace frustration is your ability to make progress.

If your boss tries to bully you into doing more work, ask him to help you prioritize your task list. If your boss berates the quality of your efforts, ask for specific feedback so you can improve. If your boss makes snide comments, take them literally, ask for clarification or include them in the meeting minutes word for word. If your boss tells you to put a project on hold, send a confirmation e-mail in case you need to remind him of the decision later. Your productivity is absolutely inviolable. No boss can bully you while you are focused on getting work done.

To learn more about positively managing your workflow despite negative shortcomings in your office, contact our business process transformation experts today! We may not be able to get the bully fired from their job, but we can certainly help transform your working environment into one that is motivating and refreshing.

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Ashley Lee

Ashley Lee

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