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Be A Superhero With Procrastinate Zero

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Procrastination is something we here at The Methodology Blog have talked about and researched. Why? Because we know how hard it is to break the habit. Also, some of us are still struggling with it. And by some of us, I definitely mean myself.

We’ve all hit that rut in our workflow. You’re chugging along, completing tasks like some sort of superhero when suddenly, the train derails into YouTube land. Someone sent you a cute video of a kid falling asleep in their birthday cake, then the next video automatically starts playing. Suddenly, somehow, hours have gone by and you’re watching tutorials on Pinterest showing how to make a wreath with burlap and an old scarf. If that sounds oddly specific, well, it may or may not be a personal experience. Robby Slaughter has shed some light on the top of procrastinating by taking a good look at the problem – why we do it and what exactly it is. Now, the minds over at Medium have taken on the topic by creating a system that any of us can use to be procrastination. Check out their list with their actionable advice tips along with some of my own thoughts below!


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Step 1: Brain

Let’s start with the brain because really that’s where all this mess begins. With most things in life, you start with training, and training the brain can be hard when it doesn’t want to cooperate.

ACTIONABLE ADVICE: Keep An Activity Log To Become More Effective

One way to really help you see where your time goes is to actively keep track of it! See where your time is going and focus on those bits that are less than impressive.

Step 2: Body

The brain and body are best buddies. If one is striving for greatness, then the other has to be on the same page. Don’t let your body weigh you down.

ACTIONABLE ADVICE: Get enough sleep, eat healthy food, and exercise daily.

It’s easier said than done, but making small improvements every day will help you reap big rewards. Start by taking the stairs instead of the elevator or replacing one of your favorite junk foods with a piece of fruit!

Step 3: Procrastination

Your body and mind are on board, now. It’s the right time to start focusing on your procrastinating issues, which usually rears its head when you don’t have set goals.

ACTIONABLE ADVICE: Create A Morning Ritual

When you get up to start your day without a plan, it’s really easy to just follow one distraction after another down the rabbit hole of procrastination. Once you have a plan in place, you’ll find you’re less likely to procrastinate because you aren’t just sitting around, waiting for direction!

Step 4: Productivity

There is a huge difference between efficiency and productivity. You can take care of responding to emails and making phone calls with top tier efficiency but that doesn’t make you productive.

ACTIONABLE ADVICE: Use The PZ 1 Page Productivity Sheet

Their idea of using the Product Zero Productivity Sheet is a great way to begin. You can use this link to download the PDF and get started right away!

Step 5: Persuasion

Understanding people and the reason why we all do things seems easy, since you’re a person, too. It goes way deeper than that, though. To start with, you need to learn the basics of communication. You can check out some ways to communicate better here!

ACTIONABLE ADVICE: Start Your Email Subject Lines With “Your”

One way to start down the path of better communication skills is to use this tip while composing emails. It will immediately catch the receiver’s eye by making it more personal!

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