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Stop Eating Lunch At Your Desk

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If we asked right now, how many of you would say that you eat your lunch at your desk? It just seems like the easier thing to do, right? Maybe, but we’re here to convince you how bad of an idea it is.

I’m not going to lie and say that I never ate lunch at my desk. In fact, the last place I worked, I didn’t even get a lunch break. If I had wanted one, I would have had to come in an hour earlier, so really that was my choice. More sleep or a legit lunchtime? Sort of a no-brainer, for me at least. But at all of my previous jobs, I would usually end up just sitting at my desk, eating my sandwich, and watching dogs meeting kittens for the first time on YouTube. Captain Time has some pretty convincing thoughts on why settling in to munch your lunch at your workstation is a terrible idea. Check out their top 10 reasons to back up their claim and also some of my own thoughts as well!

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How ominous does that sound? Yet totally true. So, when chaos erupts in the office and everyone else is out getting a bite to eat, there you’ll be, just ripe for the picking. It won’t matter that you’re supposed to be on your break. Duty calls!


We have written here on The Methodology Blog about how important it is to take a break from your work. In fact, the only way I would be able to survive my workdays were those minutes I could spend swooning over kitten videos. But if you want to fully disconnect and take a breather, you need to actually take your body out of your workplace. Get some air!


Another topic of discussion on our blog would be getting exercise while you’re working and how it actually improves your productivity. Sitting in a chair for hours on end does terrible things, not only to your posture, but your mindset as well. Get up and move around!


Networking is important, even if you already have landed your job, you want to keep making and growing your connections. Taking a break to go out to lunch with colleagues is a great way to form bonds with the people you work with. Take advantage of this opportunity!


This is pretty self explanatory. Do you really want to be that employee who ruined their keyboard from a spill? Not only that, but leaving crumbs around where you work gives an air that you don’t really care. Not very professional at all!


Even if you don’t use your lunchtime to kick your networking into gear, use it to connect with your friends. Work takes away from our home lives and can end up putting a damper on a lot of relationships. Haven’t seen one of your friends in a while? Go to lunch!


There are a million things going on in every city across every state. Taking a stroll around town will help you keep up with what’s going on around you. Plus, you may find out about an event you could talk about with your coworkers at your next lunch break.


Food trucks are now a staple in most cities across America. This growing trend means you don’t necessarily have to run around trying to find a restaurant that suits your needs or make reservations. You can hang out outside and eat!


Having lunch and plopping back down at your desk isn’t going to leave you feeling very fresh. In fact, you’ll probably feel full and sleepy. Actually going out for lunch means walking, and walking means better digestion.


This is what I would use my lunch break for (when I wasn’t on YouTube.) There’s never enough time in the day. Running out and doing some returns or grabbing products you need so you don’t have to swing by on your way home is a pretty awesome way to get out of the office, get some exercise, and chop that to-do list in half!

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