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Staying Productive While Traveling For Business

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You might be surprised to find out that most business people who travel are more productive. In fact, they are productive while on the road than in the office. So how do they manage to stay efficient?

In this day and age, your office can be anywhere. From home, Starbucks, or even your car. You would think the chaos of traveling would be a nightmare for productivity, rather than spending your work hours in an office. But an Expedia survey showed that people who travel for work are 39% more productive. What’s their secret and how can we get in on that? Eli Epstein of Mashable reports that there are 6 ways you can stay productive while trekking around for work. Check out his ideas and our thoughts below!

1. Make sure all of your devices stay charged wherever you are

    If you’re traveling for work, you likely are toting around a cellphone, computer, tablet, and numerous other electronic devices. These are your lifelines. So seeing one die out while you’re in the middle of working is worthy of a panic attack. Epstein recommends 3 unique ways to keep your batteries at full. The QBracelet unfolds and delivers a charge to your phone, which is pretty neat. SunVolt is a solar panel that can charge up to two devices. And the TYLT Energi+ Backpack that can keep multiple items charging while you’re on the move. If you can’t afford these items or they aren’t provided to you, we suggest a charging routine. When you’re not using something, keep it on the charger. And make sure your items are plugged in at night!

2. Stay connected as you move

    WiFi can be pretty unreliable. And losing connectivity in the middle of a project is a nightmare for productivity. So using something like the Verizon Jetpack or Satechi Smart Travel Router will help ensure a constant connection. Talk with your company and see if they will provide you with these. Otherwise, your other option is using your cellphone as a mobile hotspot. Granted, your connection may still be unreliable, but it’s sometimes a better option than WiFi.
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3. Synchronize all of your devices so you can work wherever you are, even offline

    At the very least, you will definitely feel like James Bond if you synchronize your devices. Taking advantage of cloud storage can save your life when working from the road. If you don’t want to dabble in cloud, DropBox also works offline. Just save your important files while you’re still connected to the internet so you can view them whenever.

4. Use your smartphone to manage your itinerary and get more out of meetings

    We here at The Methodology Blog are big fans of using apps to help you stay productive. In fact, there exists an app that makes staying productive fun because it’s similar to playing a game. Besides Evernote, which we definitely stand behind, Epstein recommends TripIt and Refresh. TripIt helps you keep your trip organized while Refresh will provide you with a crash course of the person’s background that you’re about to have a business meeting with.

5. Put away the computer and try a brain game

    Everyone needs a break. Being on the road isn’t all fun and games. Take a second to shut off your devices and relax! Checking out Lumosity and Sudoku are great ideas, because those games are actually proven to help your mental flexibility. If you’re not a fan of those, there are plenty of free memory games that will not only pass time and give you a breather, but keep your brain in tip-top shape!

6. Turn your hotel room into a productivity den

    You would be surprised how much the isolation of working out of your hotel room will help increase efficiency. Chatty coworkers, someone making 500 copies of a report, microwaves beeping, all of those distractions that can occur in the office are nonexistent. Epstein also suggests turning your thermostat up to 77 degrees, pointing to a Cornell University study that showed errors were less likely at this temperature. Follow your normal routine. If you normally get up, exercise, have breakfast, and then head into work, you can still do that while at a hotel!
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