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SnapChat Might Land You Your Dream Job

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It’s pretty common for employers to use social media to their benefit when looking to fill a position. Not only that, but they use it to check up on prospective employees. So how does SnapChat fit into the picture?

Word spreads quickly in this day and age because social media is such a big part of everyone’s daily lives. No only is it used to update how your day went but also includes finding a job. Graham Allgood can testify to how useful of a tool it can be. Fast Company spoke with Allgood who wanted nothing more than to get an internship at Horizon Media, in the social media department. So how was he going to catch their eye? How could he find a way to not end up at the bottom of the resume pile we all dread so much? He created his own ad campaign targeting the company by using a geofilter on SnapChat. It works by featuring a specific location or an event that you can then use to tag your pictures. It doesn’t come at too steep of a price at $29.65. It caught the eye of vice president Maikel O’Hanlon at Horizon Media. Allgood received an email that same day with an interview request and is beginning a paid internship on June 6th. So is this now becoming the norm?

Social media has become standard practice in the quest to snag a coveted position. The latest research from Jobvite found that 48% used social to search for their most recent job – of those, 67% used Facebook, only 35% used Twitter. Fifty-nine percent have used social media to assess the company culture of a potential employer. One reason more people may be turning to social media to stand out is that competition for open positions is tight: found that, on average, each corporate job posting attracts 250 resumes.


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So has this actually worked for people besides Allgood? Fast Company shared some other stories about people who have used social media to land their dream job. Taylor Aldredge used Twitter to connect with people that he thought could help him on his path. He landed some interviews with these individuals to learn their tricks and tips. After some time, he finally nabbed a position at Grasshopper. None of that would have been possible without using social media.

We live in a time where it’s pretty common to Facebook stalk everyone, including managers, coworkers, and employees. So why not start using it to our advantage? There is a way to go about it, though. You don’t want to end up becoming that creepy person who just won’t back off, constantly tagging companies in your posts or commenting on theirs, begging for a chance to show them what you can do. One recruiter, Hannah Barfield, had something to say on the issue:

“If you’re aiming to stand apart from the crowd and approach an employer in a nontraditional way, make sure your plan is unique, memorable, and professional,” advises Hannah Barfield, a recruiter with Godshall Professional Recruiting. “A Twitter campaign #pleasehireme is desperate and sad,” she points out.

We’re pretty big supporters of using social media. In fact, it has been shown that using forms of social media while at work actually will increase productivity. Most companies just aren’t utilizing these platforms that could really propel them, front and center in the public. It’ okay to dive in and get your feet wet, you won’t regret it!

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Alyssa Shea

Alyssa Shea

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