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Simplifying the Complex in Business Blog Posts

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Simple is better. But it’s not always to make complicated things easy to understand. And when it comes to business blogging, knowing what not to write is as important as writing itself.

“It’s tempting to want to explain everything. It’s also hard to know what to throw out,” observes Dane Frederiksen of He is talking about video, but the same simplify-the-complex is certainly a guideline for all of us business blog content writers. Of course, with blog posts far less expensive to produce than videos, it’s somewhat simpler to focus on just one aspect of a topic and then come back and fill in other information in later posts.

Mess of Cables

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Some products and services are, without question, more challenging to explain. “If, after your thirty-second elevator pitch, the person you’re speaking with still has ten more clarifying questions, says Jeune Ortiz of, you probably have a complex product or service.

Ortiz has some good suggestions for blog content writers when it comes to presenting the complex in a way that converts lookers into buyers. These include:

Use What They Know
Compare the old solution to your new solution to show improvements.

Using your blog to offer answers to you’ve heard from customers in the past can help business blog readers relate to the new information.

Let Customers Explain It
Stories that illustrate how your product or solution was used successfully can do a lot to help a newcomer understand how it might also improve their life.

Having people who already bought your products or services can help prospects to relate. “Customers don’t want to feel like they are being told a brand story. They want to tell themselves the story,” say the authors of Tips and Traps for Marketing Your Business.

Don’t Scare Your Visitors
Using jargon might seem like a good way to clear things up, but it does just the opposite. Technical words can overwhelm your visitors…if you have policies, disclaimers, or warranties, add that to the footer, never in the main content.

I train newbie blog content writers that going light on jargon and technical terms without “dumbing down” the material shows respect for the readers’ intellect—and for their time.

Tell Them How to Get Started
The product is complicated enough – don’t make getting started a mystery

Simplify the navigation and have clear Calls to Action. If potential customers know what they are supposed to do in order to move forward, that’s what they will do.

As we bloggers have learned over and over again, simplifying the complex pays dividends for business owners and professionals every time!

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