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Shopping and Productivity

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You don’t have to be a super shopper to achieve productivity, but the techniques found through coupon clipping and efficient shopping can also be seen and utilized when vying for work optimization.

A lot can be said about conscientious and efficient shoppers. For one, they don’t mess around. Whether its about saving money or time (or perhaps both), game faces are on and they are prepared. Likewise, those of us hoping to achieve productivity in the office are on the same page. It’s about making a plan and tackling it with the utmost care and precision because frankly, the last thing we want is to have our efforts go in vain right?

Robby Slaughter, a principal of AccelaWork and productivity expert, draws our attention to this interesting and spot on comparison–the marriage between efficient shoppers and productivity. In a guest post on the Rainmakers Blog, Slaughter contends that “we’re all looking for ways to achieve more with less.” He also points out that “Being frugal and being productive requires more than just following tips; both require changing behavior.”

So, what are the behaviors that make super shoppers efficient and how does this translate into the office?

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Slaughter shares three tips on shopping and productivity: Make a list, Know your enemy and Shop don’t socialize. Each tip is listed below with a small excerpt from his blog post that explains why the suggestion can achieve both efficiency and productivity in the office, at the store and even with your bankbook. Read on super shoppers and productivity adventurers, and be ready to make some mental notes!

Make a List, but Make No Exceptions

A key tip is to avoid tossing your list at the end of the trip. Instead, write it on an index card and laminate it (you can use packing tape.) Then use a dry erase marker to cross off items you don’t need before you leave home, and cross the rest off as you pick them up. That way you’re always buying the same items. Plus, it’s easier to respect a list that you’ve carried for months.

Know Your Enemy: The Environment

Don’t take part in the marketing. Skip the wheeled cart so you have to lug any impulse shopping. Bring headphones so that you can listen to your own tunes, not the slow muzak that makes you linger or the announcements that pique your interest. And as crazy as it sounds, try wearing sunglasses inside the store. It’s harder to read signs about irrelevant specials if you’re looking through dark shades just at the products that matter.

Shopping is a Job, Not a Social Event

It’s can be fun to shop and fun to save money, but don’t confuse the difference between work and play. If you want to socialize with a friend, don’t use it an excuse to engage in conspicuous consumption.We might happen to become friends with our colleagues, but we didn’t take the job for the social benefits. You might happen be best buds with a great shopper, but hopefully your friendship is not based on owning matching credit cards.

Productivity in the workplace is always on the agenda isn’t it? If you find yourself feeling this way perhaps its because you haven’t quite ironed out all the kinks in your process management. Or maybe you’re not fully in control of your day due to interruptions or faulty systems. But, stay on the lookout for better ways of working and peruse The Methodology Blog for further tips and suggestions. When in doubt, stay the course and keep striving for improvement. And, when in need, feel free to turn to AccelaWork for advice and help.

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Ashley Lee

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