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Seasonal Marketing Strategies: Holiday Card Madness!

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Now that December has arrived holiday preparations are in full swing. So, if your company is creating a marketing strategy for this year’s seasons greeting, you may want to consider some advice from AccelaWork’s own Robby Slaughter about what not to put in your holiday card.

Over at the Delivra Blog email marketing is an important topic of conversation. Robby Slaughter, principal of AccelaWork, no doubt agrees. And, now that seasonal marketing strategies are in discussion, he felt compelled to chime in. In his guest post, “Stop The Holiday Card Madness”, Slaughter cautions readers about humdrum holiday email marketing:

Here’s what I think when I receive a “seasons greetings” email from you that says little more than just “seasons greetings”:

You’ve got email marketing software, but you don’t know how to use it
You don’t know what to say, so you’re just copying everyone else
You count every email open as a “win”, no matter how instantaneous the deletion.

Seasonal Marketing Strategy

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Though some of you may be sitting there thinking, “Geez, is he the modern day Ebenezer Scrooge?” perhaps consider that his message may help you develop a better strategy for your company’s initiative this year. After all, spoiling a great opportunity with a generic holiday card is not the best decision. In particular because connecting with current and potential customers is relatively easy. The truth is, anyone can send out an email relaying their best wishes for a great holiday season. But like Slaughter says, everyone does exactly that. So, rather than accepting that your card, amongst many others, will undoubtedly go in the trash folder immediately upon receipt, take a chance on adding something of interest. As Slaughter concludes, it may just be the difference in captivating your audience.

. . . being interesting is the secret to email engagement. You can pique my interest in many different ways. Maybe it’s a special offer. Perhaps it’s a distinctive story. No matter what you choose to do, if you’re different than every other message in my inbox, I’m more likely to read it.

Be sure and do your company a favor this year. Forgo the idea of saving time by being generic. Instead make meaningful improvements to your message. Your readers will thank you!

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Ashley Lee

Ashley Lee

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