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Respecting Marketing Time Management

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There are many ways to maximize time management, but when it comes to online marketing, there are two components that will help keep you productive with your marketing team.

Time management is often a topic on The Methodology Blog, but why? As a workflow consultancy, we view productivity as the backbone to a successful business. So naturally, marketing time management is a subject matter completely exciting to us as it enhances both personal and office productivity. Not to mention it’s an important discussion to have with our readers as we aim to inspire you in every way we can to improve your workflow. Besides, the topic of maximizing online marketing benefits is clearly a fun conversation that will no doubt perk up your day and leave you feeling energized about the countless possibilities for your marketing strategy!

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Robby Slaughter, a principal of AccelaWork, shares marketing tips with the readers of the Indiana Society of Association Executives blog. In his latest guest post, he highlights 2 elements of online marketing time management: collaborative relationships and resource sharing. To Slaughter, these two components enhance productivity and will no doubt streamline your company’s marketing process. Below is a summary of his tips:

Maximizing Your Working Relationships

  • Schedule and Stick to Meetings – You should be getting together in person or taking part in a dedicated phone call on a consistent basis. These meetings are the best time to bring up new ideas, not when inspiration strikes you at 4AM and you decide to dash off a text message. (Don’t do that.) Instead, come prepared with questions, ideas and assignments. Start and end on time. Make sure you’re focused on having a meaningful conversation, not just a todo list.
  • Use Collaboration Software – It can be as simple as free tools like Google Docs or DropBox, or as fancy as a document management system. Just avoid the endless barrage of emails and instead update the mutual, virtual whiteboard. That way, everyone can see project status without the frustration of interruptions—and everyone can focus on advancing your association, rather than dealing with communication challenges.
  • Give Positive and Negative Feedback – Make sure that you are always ready to tell what you do like and what you don’t like. If all you offer is either praise or criticism, your words may fall on deaf ears. Provide a range!

Providing Resource Information to Your Marketing Professionals

All marketing is about storytelling. No matter the format (whitepaper, blog post, video, podcast, etc.) our ability to tell stories has some constraints and some advantages. We generally reply on the written word and simple images, but we also have the tremendous advantage of knowing something about our members. You can insert their name in every post. You can localize the email message to their city or cross reference the campaign to past purchases. You can segment messages by employer or membership type. You can tell the story that makes the most sense for the audience at hand.

These are the types of information your marketing professional needs, and what you should focus on when providing content ideas or general direction. If you pay attention to these parameters you can churn out suggestions at incredible speak.

Marketing is far from the once-in-awhile task where you check in now and again to see if it’s working. It’s a process that aims to enhance business by keeping your company fresh in the minds of your consumers. So, strive to maintain quality in standards. Respect both the timeliness and deadlines necessary for success. And most importantly, move forward in strategy with the future ever present in your mind. The long term impact it has in business will astound you!

As Slaughter eloquently puts it, “Marketing, in essence, is storytelling to an audience for the purpose of making the business relationship a meaningful one.”

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Ashley Lee

Ashley Lee

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