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Remote Work Week

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This week, The Methodology Blog will be covering the latest perspectives on working remotely.

Logging into the office from elsewhere can be both a dream and a nightmare, a blessing and a curse. This flexibility can allow parents to stay home with sick children, but also allows work to creep into our private lives. Telecommuting can enable employees to concentrate in quiet spaces or be nearer to customers, but can also lead to feelings of isolation and challenges in communication. Remote work can have a tremendous impact on stakeholder productivity and satisfaction, but is not a guaranteed win.

Telecommuting from the beach

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  • On Monday, The Methodology Blog will start with the most basic question: does working remotely make employees happier? Increased satisfaction is key to any workplace improvement. (Read)
  • On Tuesday, we will review some case studies, popular perspectives and overall research findings on telework. (Read)
  • Mid-week, AccelaWork principal Robby Slaughter will lead a fifteen-minute webinar as part of The Talking Tech series. “15 Transformations to Productivity in 15 Minutes” focuses on workflow changes to leverage the advantages of both where and how you work. (Read)
  • On Thursday, we will discuss the character of workers best suited to log in from elsewhere. Not every job should be done from your living room, but some folks work better this way! (Read)
  • Finally, Friday we will discuss perhaps the most sensitive issue: how to approach your supervisor about working remotely. This is a test of diplomacy, workplace culture and company values, and one that can not only tell you if you get to move your desk, but more about your future in the organization. (Read)

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