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Quick Ideas For Social Media & Marketing Articles

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Sometimes, when it comes to writing content for email or social marketing, it can be hard to come up with thoughts on what to write about. So what are some ways you can easily come up with ideas?

In the exciting world of technology that we live in there comes a down side: shorter attention spans. So making sure you actually grab someone’s attention right away is key. Huffington Post came up with a pretty great list of quick content ideas. The list is pretty lengthy, so we here at The Methodology Blog picked our favorites and listed them below with our own thoughts.

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1. Q & A

The best way to figure out what sort of things you should be publishing is to turn to your readers. What questions do you get on a regular basis? Use these as a way to mold your content.

4. Before & After Anything

No matter what sort of business you have, this is a great thing to implement. You can do this by showing some before and after. Maybe using charts or side-by-side pictures as part of your article is a good way to not only grab your eye, but show your readers what your company is all about.

6. Share Milestones

Have you reached a big accomplishment? Share it with everyone! You can write entire articles surrounding thresholds and achievements that you and/or your team reaches. Not only will it be a good way to advertise your business, but it will give always give you something to write about.

7. Quick, Timely Tips

This falls in line with the fact that we all tend to have shorter attention spans. Providing a quick tip will be easy for you to write about. Helping readers and potential clients now will remind them about your company when it’s time to navigate other issues.

10. Give Away the Farm

Tell your target audience everything you know. Let the readers know why it is that you’re an expert in your field. As the article stated:

“Nothing you write in an email or on social media will eliminate the need for you and what you do. Tell them how to do it. Some will try. Most will call you.”

12. Pictures with Quotes Get Shared

The most viral content on the internet are those pictures that have quotes on them. You probably have seen a few pop up on your Facebook feed on a daily basis. If you create images with your company information or social media handles clearly marked, then that is a fantastic way to get information out there.

16. Say It With Video

Most of the content out there is in video format now. If you hadn’t noticed it yet, when you’re watching YouTube videos most of the ads are pretty short and grab your attention pretty quickly. Try your hand at producing some quick videos that share your thoughts. Then, write an article around the content you’re trying to get across to viewers.

20. Embrace Life Hacks

We’re pretty big fans of life and productivity hacks. We have written before about how useful they are. If you don’t know, they are quick, useful tips that can help you change around your routine. Little shortcuts. Now, think of how you can use them with your own business.

21. Link to an Event you Will Attend

Attending events is pretty important in marketing as well as networking. So if you’re planning on going somewhere, give a link to that event in your article. Maybe even try to get some of them to come with you!

Are you looking for more ways to become productive? Reach out to one of our business improvement consultants!

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Alyssa Shea

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