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Project Management: The Secret to Making Things Happen

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When it comes to trying to balance family, career, personal goals and all the other chaotic activities in our lives, it comes as no surprise that certain projects we intend to accomplish never actually get done. So what’s the secret to making things happen?

At the risk of sounding presumptuous, it’s likely that at one point or another, we all have procrastinated. Yes, this is a blanket statement, but we’re willing to bet many of you (even now) have one outstanding project nagging you day after day. The project that, despite all the excitement or necessity involved, is a continual thorn in your side. The project that needs to get done, but for one reason or another doesn’t take precedence on your daily list of to-do’s. Sound familiar?

Well, even for process management guru Robby Slaughter, a principal at AccelaWork, procrastination is not an unknown subject. In fact, in a guest post on the Splendore blog, he reveals a secret that helps tackle overdue projects:

The awesome secret for making things happen (especially things you don’t want to do) is just to start.

That’s it. Do a little tiny bit of the project. Then you go from having made no progress at all to having made a little bit of progress.

Sure, that tiny fraction isn’t much in the grand scheme of things. But a started project is much easier to finish than one you have not started at all.


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While it may not sound like a spectacular, mind-blowing trick, overcoming procrastination by actually taking the first step can magically transform your attitude. Whereas before tackling a stale task was fraught with feelings of negativity and anxiety, now you can begin experiencing feelings of exhilaration and relief knowing project accomplishment is within reach. To Slaughter, it’s simple:


Do a little. Because eventually, a little becomes a lot.

Do us a favor, take this post to heart and tell yourself, today is the day I take the first step … You’ll be glad you did.

To learn more about how AccelaWork advises clients on business process planning and project management, contact us today.

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Ashley Lee

Ashley Lee

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