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Productivity and Other Drugs

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As we enter a new year, it seems an appropriate time to remind ourselves about the difference between a drug high versus a productivity high. Covering this very topic in a recent article, Robby Slaughter shares some insight on the matter.

In the print edition of the October-November issue of the Hamilton County Business Magazine, Robby Slaughter, productivity expert and a principal of AccelaWork, discusses the reasons why people partake in casual drug use and asks a very valid question:

A left over saying from Just-Say-No era insists: “I’m not high on drugs, I’m high on life.” While many of us may cringe when hear this statement, most of us can also silently acknowledge its allure. Everyone wants to be happy. Don’t we all—at one time or another—partake in caffeine, alcohol or cigarettes as a way to make life easier? Would we really be better off if we were completely, 100% drug-free?

There’s no denying the fact that, at times, we may ask ourselves this very question and wonder–as Slaughter does–are we truly better off abstaining from outlets like drugs, alcohol, caffeine and tobacco? For obvious reasons, there’s no question that doing so is the wisest and healthiest choice to make. We’re no longer strangers to the long-term effects that excessive drug use can have on our overall health. But, we’re talking even just a little indulgence here and there–can that really be a problem?

In the short term, having a cup of coffee, smoking a cigarette or drinking a glass of wine can be perceived as harmless. But, as Slaughter cautions, stepping over the line isn’t always easy to define and can have lasting effects on our health:

Although about half of adult Americans consume beer, wine and liquor at least monthly, the vast majority of those who drink do so safely and without any serious health risks. Yet according to a 2010 study from the Centers for Disease Control, a record 15% of all Americans “regularly binge” on alcohol. Most people don’t have a drinking problem, but those who do put themselves at a serious threat of injury, disease, or death.

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In an interesting twist, Slaughter adds some insight on how we can find alternatives to caffeine, smoking, alcohol and drugs. His solution? It’s a topic we often cover here on The Methodology Blog. It’s called Productivity. He highlights why productivity can help combat our need for particularly dangerous outlets by conveying a very important message: our ability at getting things done can simulate natural “highs” that not only bring us satisfaction, but provides us reason to relax and enjoy life.

Conducting and completing tasks generates a sense of accomplishment. Finishing your work on schedule gives you the time to relax. Knowing that you’ve fulfilled your promises may be the greatest drug of all. Best of all, getting hooked on being productive will only make your healthier and happier!

Productivity, paired with a healthy work/life balance, is important to adopt in life; particularly if and when stress begins to take over an otherwise calm lifestyle. It’s so easy to fall victim to “fixes” like recreational drugs because their effects are quick, easy and temporarily rewarding. But, as cliche as it may sound, it’s a slippery slope. You may not even recognize a problem until you’re so deep into one that it’s difficult to climb out.

Don’t allow yourself to get this to point. Instead, be proactive by investing in your productivity. And if your stress and unhappiness at work is deep rooted, consider some action steps that can help you reach a more fulfilling and satisfying place in your job:

  • Take vacation time
  • Eliminate unnecessary meetings
  • Schedule uninterrupted workflow time
  • Delegate projects
  • Take steps toward creating a better working environment

If your sights are set high for 2016 now is the time to act! Invest in your health. Invest in your mental well-being. Invest in yourself!

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Ashley Lee

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