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Process Improvement and Business Outsourcing

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Late last month, news surfaced of an IBM patent application for a “method and system for strategic global resource sourcing.” Is shuffling jobs between countries something which requires workflow analysis?

According to Paul Boutin at The Industry Standard, the answer is a resounding yes:

A patented methodology for deciding where to send jobs overseas to cut costs would be a valuable tool that IBM could sell to its corporate clients. But IBM has plenty of opportunity to eat its own dog food: The company continues to slash its own payroll, starting with 4,600 cuts earlier this year and continuing with a huge layoff within its 180,000-employee global business services group.


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So often, business improvement is seen as employee reduction. Outsourcing is nothing new but is rarely popular among workers. Process analysis, too, is often seen as a way to eliminate jobs. We find that companies who see their workers as expenses, not assets, will always be trying to find a way to cut those costs. Organizations who feel their workers are invaluable resources of knowledge, creativity, innovation and customer relationships will want to invest rather than divest. Great consulting firms—and great companies—place stakeholders at the center. And who is a more crucial stakeholder than members of your team?

Business process analysis is at the forefront of organizations with just a few people to those that employ hundreds of thousands. If you are ready to talk about leveraging your greatest asset, contact AccelaWork today.

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