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Is Print Marketing Dead, Or Will The Process Live Forever?

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The local marketing scene has been discussing the fate of printed handouts.  Last month, mediasauce predicted the death of the brochure. Firebelly Digital insists (strong language warning) that the brochure will never die. Advertising pro Lorrie Walker sees both sides.

We are not in the advertising business, so we will refrain from reviewing the content of this exciting, Indianapolis-based debate. However, the process of creating a brochure is completely driven by the answer to this question. Companies that are producing full-color paper handouts need to be concerned with duplication systems, routing artwork to off-site printers, receiving proofs, seeking client approval and ordering individual runs. Electronic ads have different constraints and capabilities. They may require testing on different types of computers, email programs or mobile devices. These variations not only impact the creative and strategic issues of the world of marketing, but the tactical, everyday issues of defining a workflow system and moving information and resources through that structure.

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Third-party software solutions like MarketingPilot, HighOrbit, BaseCamp and Workamajig are all designed to facilitate process at advertising agencies. One may be right for your firm. However, it is essential to understand the individual components of workflow and especially the ultimate output. These factors should inform the strategic choice. But what about the moment-to-moment use of existing tools and procedures? Do these interactions enhance or limit overall productivity? These questions are about tactics, not strategy.

At AccelaWork, we do not know if the brochure is dying or stronger than ever. But we do know that the minuscule steps involved in making brochures is increasingly important. Companies compete on cost, quality and time-to-market, and any positive change to workflow and stakeholder satisfaction will benefit the customer. If you are interested in learning more about methodology, whether you make brochures, sell products or provide services, reach out to our consultants. We love to discuss and help transform the smallest details of what you do.

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