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3 Steps to Empowering Others

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Great business leaders aren’t people who take all the power, but those who give power to others. Today’s guest post offers three tips on how to empower those around you.

Study Reveals Low Employee Satisfaction

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The biggest and most important part of any company are the employees. We all know it’s important to keep workers happy. So why is it that a big portion of American workers are barely engaged or satisfied with their workplace?

Office Politics Hurts Employee Satisfaction

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Every company deals with office politics. There really isn’t a way around it when you have numerous people working together day in and day out. It can become a thorn in your side and one study has shown that it’s ruining employee happiness.

Stop Working to Organize Your Work!

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There’s a crucial irony related to productivity: if you need to work smarter, you need to first stop working (but not for too long.) Today’s guest post from Mark S. Brown explains this idea in detail.

Who We Are

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Consultants. We focus on business improvement, through process consulting, sales training, effective networking, customer service coaching and more. Business always needs to improve: to become stronger, faster, more agile and more responsive. At AccelaWork, we help companies work smarter. We’re a Consortium Rather than refer you to a half dozen different agencies, AccelaWork is one… Read more »

Don’t Expect Workers To Trust Blindly

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Next time your company decides to partake in some team building, you may want to steer clear of the exotic. After all, for one daring real estate company in Italy, a bizarre choice of exercise left some employees literally burned.

From Russia, With Frustration

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If you are concerned about productivity in your workplace, you are not alone. Even Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that the principal issue with his nation’s economy is “extreme inefficiency.”