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Broken Processes Can Cause A Ticketing Fiasco

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Every so often I like to treat my kids to BIG surprises. Usually, my creativity caps off somewhere between a trip to the toy store or the movie theater. But I had a brilliant idea. I just didn’t realize that buying tickets to see Buzz Lightyear would take me years to arrange.

Rhoda Israelov

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With 35 years’ experience as a wordsmith, Rhoda Israelov has things to say about the things companies, organizations, and practitioners are saying to their online visitors, customers, clients, and donors. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Rhoda attended high school and college in New York City and, since 1968, has made her home in Indianapolis. Following her… Read more »

How Color Can Affect Your Productivity

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Color plays a big role in our lives. We all have a favorite color, and when we see that favorite shade, it can actually bring a big smile to our faces. Not only does color brighten your day, it can also affect your productivity as well.

Good Consulting is Better Than Free

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If you hire a business consulting firm to help with your company, how much should it cost? The short answer is that in the long run, those business consulting fees should have generated such significant returns that they are “better than free.”

Could Half of All American Jobs Be Computerized?

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You’re reading this on a screen. You probably work much of the day on a screen, or in repetitive motions. A new report suggests that almost 50% of positions are “vulnerable” to automation and elimination. Is your pointing, clicking, and thinking at risk?

The Most Important Idea, Ever, In Employee Motivation

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Writing blog posts that make sweeping claims for all time are like the story of the patent clerk who said that “everything had been invented.” Still, Alfie Kohn’s 1993 article for Harvard Business Review may be the most important and yet almost completely ignored idea in business.

Plan to Survive

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Henry Efroymson, partner at local Indianapolis law firm Ice Miller, offers nine advisories for companies in the current economic whirlwind.