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5-Hour Workdays: Myth or Possibility?

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Working an eight-hour workday is what we have all come to expect, at least here in America. Would you be surprised to find out that some companies are trying out five-hour workdays and that they’re actually totally working?

Building A Strong Business

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Have you started to feel overwhelmed by all that you’re NOT doing for your business? We’re barely into the new year and I am hearing so many people talk about being afraid for their businesses.

Email Marketing ROI

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Among the best Indianapolis consultants and service providers who focus on email marketing are the experts at Delivra. They featured a guest post from our own Robby Slaughter, who is also an Indianapolis consultant. The topic? Return on investment.

Who We Are

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Consultants. We focus on business improvement, through process consulting, sales training, effective networking, customer service coaching and more. Business always needs to improve: to become stronger, faster, more agile and more responsive. At AccelaWork, we help companies work smarter. We’re a Consortium Rather than refer you to a half dozen different agencies, AccelaWork is one… Read more »

Fueling Efficiency or Impatience?

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If waiting longer than 60 seconds for a refill on your soda is unacceptable, then perhaps you should head to the Sunshine State for dinner. After all, Floridians are enjoying new service technology from their local Applebee’s, so why shouldn’t you?

Business Consulting for the Cashier

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Even in Indianapolis, consultants can make a difference by noticing everyday elements. Consider the cashier at the auto repair shop who struggles to process a routine customer payment. She keys in obscure codes to her computer, pours over handwritten notes, and checks the math with a hand held calculator.

Enjoy Social Media Exposure Instead of Shying Away From It

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This post is from Kristin Page, project manager for for Golden Technologies. As a social media and internet marketing specialist, she advocates the importance for maintaining rules and regulations in regards to social media use in the workplace. Yet, for companies looking for exposure, her advice is simple: encourage employees to use it.

Mick Jagger Might Have It All Wrong

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Can’t get no satisfaction? Today’s guest post notes you might be a legendary rocker, but you may not be an employee at an American company. At least, that’s what the job satisfaction surveys say.