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More Reasons Non-Profit Conferences are Worth Your While

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If you’re hoping to boost your business productivity, attending a conference or hiring a speaker can be a great idea. That’s good business advice even if you’re a non-profit.

For example: did you know that there is more to be gained from your next non-profit conference or speaker than just education and training? Content creation and curation is often a forgotten benefit of event attendance, though its value is incredibly powerful. Non-profit conferences are a breeding ground for great content for your blog, social media communities, and e-mail newsletter. Here are some creative ways to create impressive content from the next non-profit speaking engagement you attend.

Non Profit Conferences

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Follow the Hashtag

If it’s a large enough event the speaker should have a hashtag that will make it easy for organizations to follow the conversation. A tool like Hashtracking makes it easy to follow hashtags, though you can also consider developing a “recipe” in If This Then That that creates a note in Evernote based on a designated hashtag. No matter how you follow and keep track, hashtags are a great way curate other content from the event that you may have missed. Plus, you can find and follow new Twitter users that are attending the event with you.

Blog, Blog, Blog

Consider writing a post before the speaking event to discuss what you hope to learn. After the event write a wrap-up post and link to the speaker’s blog. Send the link to them and hopefully they can share it themselves, exposing your non-profit to a new community. Promoting these blog posts well, along with some help from social media influencers, can grow your website traffic significantly.

The Magic of Motion Pictures

OK, so you aren’t making a full-length film, but your non-profit could still take a short 15 second Instagram video of a presentation highlight. Not on Instagram? Any video will do, just be sure to share it via social media and pull your online community into your experience. You can embed this video into your blog post later and let your readers get a true feeling of your experience. A video blog is not only a nice change from typical written content, but it can keeper visitors on your site longer and likely give a boost to your SEO.


Networking shouldn’t end with the business card. In this case, follow up with new connections after the event to see if they would be willing to share your content (and you would share theirs). If appropriate, link to their blog or consider guest blogging for them about what you learned.

So instead of dreading yet another speaking engagement, why not get your laptop, phone and other technology gadgets ready to record and create some killer content? Non-profit conferences can be fun and creative and may just be the great blog post your website is waiting for.

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Abbi Achterberg

Abbi Achterberg

Abbi Achterberg, Owner of Tipping Point Marketing, LLC, has worked with a variety of companies in marketing strategy, content development, and social media marketing since 2003. She has a bachelor’s degree from DePauw University and her MBA from Butler University, and was featured the Indianapolis Star. Abbi lives in Carmel with her family.
Abbi Achterberg
Abbi Achterberg

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