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Marketing Time Management: Respecting Everyone’s Time

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Marketing time management is important to your company’s marketing pro. But, personal attention to this portion of your business is also quite imperative–even if you’ve handed over much of the duties to others.

Robby Slaughter, a workflow and productivity expert and the founder of AccelaWork, dives into the topic of marketing time management in his article on the Indiana Society of Association Executives (ISAE) Blog. Slaughter discusses how particular marketing tasks can be either forgotten or overlooked, inevitably stalling both the effectiveness of a company’s marketing strategies as well as the overall workflow and productivity of those involved.

But, there are ways we can improve the process and increase time management all around. Slaughter suggests that if we provide undivided attention and make an effort to satisfy two elements to time management for online marketing, we not only effectively reach our target audience, but do so quite successfully in all matters speaking. Below are are few of his thoughts on efficiently working with your marketing pro:


Schedule and stick to meetings:

Come prepared with questions, ideas and assignments. Start and end on time. Make sure you’re focused on having a meaningful conversation, not just a to do list.

Use collaborative software:

Avoid the endless barrage of emails and instead update the mutual, virtual whiteboard. That way, everyone can see project status without the frustration of interruptions—and everyone can focus on advancing your association, rather than dealing with communication challenges.

Give positive and negative feedback:

If all you offer is either praise or criticism, your words may fall on deaf ears. Provide a range!

marketing relay

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Regardless of whether or not you think your marketing professional is well in tune with your company, it is imperative to provide them with as much useful information as possible about the business, target audience, goals, etc. If you want to promote your company in the best way possible, educate and communicate as much as you can to those in charge of spearheading your marketing campaign! Information that is helpful to relay: member names, cities, past purchases, employers, and membership type. These details can help personalize and segment messages for particular branding and, as Slaughter suggests, help tell your company’s story:

By leveraging our time and our resources intelligently, we can offer useful, practical and powerful information to customers. We can share our stories over and over again and build a reputation among those who want to do business with our organization. Marketing, in essence, is storytelling to an audience for the purpose of making the business relationship a meaningful one. Use your marketing time wisely, and show respect for the time that your marketing professional is devoting to your association.

Achieving a successful marketing plan can feel like a race where sprinting seems to be the only solution. And while it’s easy to focus only on the finish line itself, remember that it takes collaboration and support to actually get across. So do your leg of the relay and pass the baton effectively!

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Ashley Lee

Ashley Lee

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