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Signs That Your Manager Hates You (And How To Deal)

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Not all of us can be lucky enough to have enjoyable relationships at work with every coworker, so how can you succeed when your own boss seems to dislike you?

It’s not uncommon for different personalities to clash in the workplace. We’re all different people with different interests, so it would make sense that not all of us will get along on a personal level. When it comes to management, you would assume they would be trained well enough to avoid these sort of complications with their employees. Unfortunately, many people find themselves face-to-face with probably the most unpleasant situation – your boss hates you.

You will find no shortage of articles detailing the wide rift between employees and their bosses. Sheiresa Ngo, writer for CheatSheet, went into detail about just how difficult it can be when your manager doesn’t like you, pointing out signs and ways to deal with it. Check out her list below and some of our thoughts as well!

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1. You’re given impossible assignments

Take a second to think if you’re exaggerating before you note this one. Sometimes, it can feel like your superiors are stacking on more work than you can handle simply due to miscommunication, or maybe you just honestly hate your job. If you can’t handle the load, talk to them about it. Otherwise, if they insist you perform miracles without enough time to complete the tasks, or hammer on you for mistakes that are out of your control, it may be time to think about finding another job. It isn’t your responsibility to do one job that would normally need a second set of hands.

2. You’re being micromanaged

Do you feel like your boss is watching you like a hawk, waiting for you to make a mistake? And if you do, does it seem as if it’s the end of the world? Some people are incapable of giving up control and tend to micromanage their employees, but at what point do you begin to wonder if they trust you at all? Why were you even hired? Communicate your desire to be given a little bit of legroom. If the micromanaging continues, then you have your answer.

3. Lack of eye contact

Making eye contact can be hard for a lot of people, not just your boss. But if you find an exasperated expression or even an eye roll in your direction, it’s being made pretty clear that you’re disliked. Childish behavior like this will keep coming back to haunt you and it’s definitely hard to prove if you wanted to bring this issue to upper management. You should never be made to feel uncomfortable or worthless.

4. Avoidance of small talk

There really isn’t a way to make this sort of situation right. You can’t force someone to like you or even talk to you. We all know we won’t absolutely love every single person we work with, but if you can’t even manage a casual conversation about the weather with your own boss, how can you form any type of working relationship? The ball is in your court, here. How willing are you to deal with not being able to have a normal conversation with the person you report to? You decide.

5. Nothing you do is ever right

It’s common knowledge, at least it should be, that employees thrive on affirmation as well as constructive criticism. If all your manager does is come down on you rather than spend any amount of time building you up, then you should consider searching for employment elsewhere. But give some thought to his or her words. Is it possible you aren’t being the most amazing employee? Maybe it’s time to do some work on yourself as well.

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