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Let’s All Be Average

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Hey, I have an idea! Let’s all shoot for average! I’m sure if we focus, apply ourselves and concentrate hard, we can make it to average.

My good friend and State Farm Agent in Griffith Indiana, Ron Pierce says, “Average, the worst of the best or the best of the worst.” Is that what you want, to be the worst of the best or the best of the worst? Seriously? You need to know; when it’s all said and done, there are only three things that hold us back and these three things apply to every one of us. They are as follows:

  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Low Expectations
  • Ineffective Strategies

I know some might say there are more than three. Might they challenge with the question of a debilitating disease? Or what about a natural disaster? Another might challenge by asking what about a tragic accident? Pick one or more or add one of your own; it doesn’t matter. “Doesn’t matter?” you might ask. Yes and here’s why. Although these can be devastating and tragic, these things happen somewhere in the world almost every minute. As tragic and horrible as they might be, they are circumstances. In each case, some individuals rise above the circumstance to achieve some big thing. The late Jim Rohn had a quote that I think about often:

“It’s not what happens in the world that determines the major part of your future. What happens, happens to us all. The key is what you do about it.”

There is one thing I can guarantee you that will absolutely, positively happen. The yogurt will hit the fan! Whatever you plan, there will be a wrinkle in it somewhere, sometime, guaranteed. John Maxwell says, “Plan and execute your first failure so that you no longer have to fear it.” It’s going to happen, the question is, what will you do about it? Are you prepared to handle a setback? Mark Brown explored how failure affects our success and how we can’t have one without the other.

The sweet joy of triumph! When we succeed at a challenging task, solve a complicated problem, or reach a goal, we rejoice. We are elated. Failures fade away because we have achieved a milestone. Would we know the feeling of triumph without the awareness of defeat? Isn’t our recognition of a win enhanced by the missteps we made along the way? Every day I must remind myself that it is imperative to risk failure in order to find success. If I wait for the best opportunity, then I will miss many openings for progress. So many of our daily decisions are affected by timing. Yet rarely is our timing perfect.


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You and I can be better than average. “Everything worthwhile is uphill,” says John Maxwell. Too many times people want uphill results with downhill effort. It’s a choice! Choose wisely. And that’s where the three things that hold us back come into play.

  • A limiting belief says you can’t (add typical and frequent excuse here)
  • A low expectation says it doesn’t matter others aren’t doing it.
  • The ineffective strategy says I’ll wait until tomorrow or until things get better or I’ll email versus calling.

Eventually, I think everything tracks up to a limiting belief. The damn limiting belief is the start of the cascade of crap. You see our thoughts create our feelings and our feelings create our behavior, and our behavior produces the results we get. That process of ideas to feelings to action to conclusions when you have a limiting belief is called your “B.S. Story” or belief system story. Which usually sounds something like “I didn’t think I could do it” or worse yet, “I knew it wouldn’t work”. Many time we aren’t even aware. Who’s helping you with your thinking?

Lately, I’ve been noticing, working and paying particular attention to my potential areas of Low Expectations (one of the three roadblocks I discussed above). An expectation over time becomes a standard. If you don’t expect much, guess what, you won’t get much. You can’t rely on other’s expectations either; they are busy with their challenges (and their personal three things.)

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Jack Klemeyer

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