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Learning Culture and Business Success

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There are many Indianapolis consultants, and today’s post features a great find from a great organization. The team at 1st Class Solutions is tracking the research about learning culture and business success.

The 1st Class website quotes Training Daily Advisor’s report of a study:

Companies that cultivate a strong learning culture within their organization experience distinct business advantages compared to companies lacking a strong learning culture.

That is among the findings of a study from Bersin & Associates ( The study, entitled, Gigh-Impact Learning Culture: The 40 Best Practices for an Empowered Enterprise, found that the majority of organizations that have built strong learning cultures are market leaders with highly productive employees and satisfied customers.

Business Improvement: A Culture of Learning

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The summary of the report continues:

The study revealed that 96% of companies with strong learning cultures reported high employee productivity. However, that was not the only advantage identified by the study: 94% of participants surveyed indicated that they have high customer satisfaction; 74% said that they have a “strong” ability to keep costs competitive; and 89% reported market leadership for at least one product or service.

An analysis like this is difficult to make, and often is best interpreted by consultants. Indianapolis-based 1st Class, for example, commented about a similar research project on their blog:

Companies [must learn] the importance of aligning organizational goals with learning and training programs. Along with that is the importance of supervisors and management supporting training and building a culture of continued learning.

We certainly agree. As Indianapolis business consultants ourselves, we believe that culture and success are inextricably connected. If you work in an organization that is devoted to genuine learning, you’ll be ready to adapt to new circumstances. And while agility is not enough by itself to make a business grow, it’s only becoming more essential every day.

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