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What Type of Leader is Needed for Successful Digital Transformation?

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If you’re the owner of a business, you are, by default, a leader. However, that doesn’t mean that you will be any good at leading, motivating, or inspiring your team members.

In a business environment that’s evolving at a record pace, leaders need to be more than just authorities telling their team members what to do each day. So, what kind of leader do today’s organizations need to encourage digital transformation success?

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A Great Communicator

Around 50% of the workforce will work remotely in the next year, at least part of the time. That means that if leaders want to keep track of their employees and keep staff members engaged, they need to figure out new ways of communicating with their coworkers.

Communication now comes in many forms, thanks to team collaboration tools that allow for real-time messaging, video conferencing, SMS, and more. The key to success is finding out what kind of communication works best for your employees and providing options that suit specific situations.
For example: You don’t need to invite your entire team to a videoconference to give them an update about your latest sales figures.

A Forward Thinker

You can’t dock in the past and push others into the future at the same time. To be a successful digital leader today, you need to understand the benefits of new technologies, methodologies, and strategies so you can convey those advantages to your workforce.

For instance, rather than just telling your team they will “start working with AI,” take time to clarify and introduce the benefits of your new artificial intelligence tool. Encourage adoption by helping people to test the tech for themselves and reassure them that the change is a positive thing. Help people to see your vision, and they’re more likely to help you make it a reality.

A Mentor and a Coach

As a digital leader, you’ll also have to act as a coach and mentor, guiding people through the basics of digital literacy and new technology. Rather than just telling people they will need to learn how to use some new technology or software, be the first person to test out some training available.

People often respond negatively to changes in their workplace, but if they can see that their leader can help them succeed, they’ll feel less stressed. Teaching employees to take initiative in solving their own issues and taking control over their technology brings agility to the team and can make a huge difference.

In a collaborative culture, knowledge spreads faster. Even simple things can have a positive compound effect on the whole team. Understanding that will motivate you to help a staff member even with a trivial PC hack like how to speed up their computer with MSConfig command.

A Growth Mindset

Influential leaders are the ones that have the most inspiring mindsets. People with a growth mindset know that they can’t just sit within their comfort zones and expect to thrive. They take risks, enjoy challenges, and strive to overcome their personal limitations.

Research into the power of the growth mindset shows that supervisors who prove that they’re willing to work on their own challenges and improve themselves also encourage other team members to do the same. Figure out what you can afford to get better at as you pursue digital transformation in your business and show the rest of your team you’re ready to make progress.

An Adaptable Nature

Leaders that want to motivate and inspire their followers need to adapt according to sudden changes in their industry. This doesn’t mean that you need to change your mind about the strategy that you’re using
to grow consistently.

There is a growing value of adaptability in the business world recently, with 91% of HR experts saying that people in the future will be hired according to their ability to handle change. Make sure that your team members can see that you know how to thrive in such a transformative space.

Are You the Right Kind of Digital Leader?

Being a business owner or supervisor doesn’t make you a great leader. Those at the head of a company need to have what it takes to inspire the people around them. Through excellent communication, the right mindset, an adaptable nature, a strong vision and the ability to coach your employees, you can become the leader that your people need.

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