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Kyler Inspires Becoming Passionate At Work

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It’s important to be passionate about what you do in life, whether it be at home or work. Kyler Murray’s passion for football has only grown with age.

Kyler Murray is a great two-sport athlete from the University of Oklahoma. He has been an outfielder on the OU baseball team, and the Oakland Athletics drafted him in the first round of the 2018 Baseball Amateur Draft–selected ninth overall. Murray is also a quarterback for the Sooners, and he recently said that he is going to go to the NFL Combine. He is a sure bet to be a first-round selection in the upcoming NFL Draft. Kyler Murray won the Heisman Trophy, emblematic of the Nation’s most outstanding College Football player, in 2018.

Kyler Murray is choosing football over baseball. With his arm and his legs, not only did he win the Heisman Trophy, but he also led the Sooners to the BCS! Since his passion is football, he made the right choice. Football offers him instant recognition in the NFL and the potential for instant fame. Had Murray chosen baseball, in all likelihood, he would have spent several years in the Minor Leagues. Since football is where Murray’s heart is, he might have questioned a decision to play baseball during the many long bus rides that are a big part of the Minor Leagues. Yes, there is less risk of serious injury in baseball, and yes, being a professional baseball player often means longer careers than in football. However, in the end, Kyler Murray followed his heart. And I admire that.

Having a successful career means taking the necessary steps in order to reach our goals. It can be easy to get hung up on being perfect, doing every task perfectly rather than focusing on doing what we need to do to feel satisfied with our work. Instead, maybe we should adopt a model of excellence as Jack Klemeyer explained in his stepping stones to excellence blog post. One part of the post especially caught my eye:


A passionate commitment to excellence is a primary step to growth in any endeavor. It is not enough to say we want to be excellent; we must make a commitment. Whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner, employer, or employee, commit yourself to becoming excellent in your chosen field. When you commit yourself to excellence, you will grow personally as well as professionally.


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You’re not alone when it comes to this struggle. Many people across numerous fields, be it professional sports or an office job, can often feel as though they’re stuck in a rut. You get used to the grind, just going through the motions to get through the day only to begin again the next day in an endless cycle of what can feel like mediocrity. Forbes writer, Jack Craven, talked about this in one of his recent articles. In it, he goes into how you can go about reigniting the passion you once had for your career.

When you hit a roadblock, the process of discovery and alignment with what energizes you and what is important to you, is deeply transformative. It can be the catalyst for real change in how you approach your career and your life. This is where your own “grit factor” kicks in. You must be committed to introspection and action in the following ways:

1. Owning you are stuck and to what degree you need support in getting unstuck

2. Seeking the support you need

3. Identifying key obstacles

4. Creating a plan to shift from where you are to where you want to be

You can use these tips to strive for excellence and rediscover that flame you once had to fuel your day!

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