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Knowledge Is Your Greatest Asset

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Do you know what your greatest asset is? Are you pouring your energy into worrying over what you could lose? Well there is one thing you can be sure that you will never part with – your knowledge.

We all have a long list of things we can lose that are extremely important to us:

  • Money
  • Home
  • Love
  • Family
  • Our business or job

These things are all integral to our lives and take up a great deal of our energy due to worry of losing it all. With all these things that you could lose your grip on, take solace in the fact that your knowledge can never be stolen from you. Once we learn something, no one can strip that from you. It is an asset that follows you everywhere you go and you can use it to re-build your list above if you ever needed.

There is a story I love about an old mechanic who is called to a ship because none of the technicians could mend the problem with the engine that would only make clunking and sputtering noises. Standing next to the machine, he listened for a few minutes, pulled out a little hammer and made two taps. Before their eyes, the machine clunking was transformed into a steady whir, humming along a perfect, smooth tune.

The old mechanic then presented an invoice for $10,000. The owner was irritated by this and argued that all the mechanic had done was make two tiny taps with his hammer.

“True,” said the mechanic. “The taps were only $1.00 each. The knowledge to know where to tap costs $9,998.00.”

The owner sighed and relented. Why? Because he knew exactly what he was paying for – the mechanic’s knowledge.


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The school of hard knocks teaches us a lot and if we pay attention, we learn from our mistakes. The thing about that is that that learning is CIRCUMSTANTIAL. It happens like a fluke and is totally sporadic, meaning many people miss out on that learning. Instead, you have to be determined with your learning. Create habits and patterns that will result in a regular, focused and purposeful increase in your knowledge bank. Here are a few suggestions on how to do that:

  • Read a minimum of 10 pages a day of a book that stretches your mind
  • Listen to podcasts and audios
  • Engage in discussion
  • Participate in groups such as book studies and masterminds
  • Attend seminars, workshops and lectures
  • Participate in webinars and other virtual groups
  • Engage others in forums and chat rooms
  • Interact with people on social media

Sometimes there are things you will learn by just being present, other things you will come to know because you seek out that knowledge. This point is the most important! Ask yourself these 4 questions:

  • What is it that you want to know?
  • What is it that you want to do better?
  • What is it that is constantly dogging and impeding your efforts?
  • What do you want to avoid or vanquish in your life?

This is how you will learn the best – when you are actively searching for an answer; when that knowledge you’re looking for is relevant to your current business affairs or life. Ignorance is an issue we as humans face. We don’t know what we don’t know, so that’s that, right? Yet we don’t have to accept or settle for that. Create a plan to start your own “knowledge acquisition” today and start learning! Once you start down that path, you will see how amazing it is to have something you can never lose. You will feel empowered, resourceful, and unstoppable! Remember, your success is a reflection of your investment in learning, applying what it is you have learned, and growing.

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Jack Klemeyer

Jack Klemeyer

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