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Keep on Going. Keep Getting Better.

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NFL leader Rob Gronkowski puts it simply: “I’ve got to keep on working, keep on grinding and keep going out there to get better.”

Rob Gronkowski played tight end for the New England Patriots for nine years. Gronkowski was a four-time first team All-Pro; a remarkable achievement. Gronkowski is a three-time Super Bowl Champion. Gronk was taken by the Patriots out of the University of Arizona in the second round of the 2010 NFL Draft. Rob Gronkowski has 23 receptions in Super Bowl play; the most by any tight end in Super Bowl History! Rob Gronowski announced his retirement from Pro Football not too long after the Patriots won another Super Bowl.

New England Patriots

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I have seen a number of great tight ends over the years. This includes many Hall of Famers. I feel that Rob Gronkowski is the greatest tight end in NFL History! He is an extremely skilled receiver and a very talented blocker. Gronkowski was great in the regular season and terrific in the Post Season, too! Gronk had four seasons of over 1,000 yards receiving; the most by any tight end in NFL History. Let’s not forget that Rob Gronkowski was on the receiving end of 12 touchdown passes in the Post Season; the most of any tight end in NFL History!

Gronk has an exuberant personality; he loves to have fun and has said that, “partying gets me refreshed and makes me want to work hard.”

He’s famous as well for making crazy statements on Twitter and to the media. But for as much as Gronk can be a goofball, he is truly dedicated to doing his best. It’s attitude that has made the difference in Gronk’s career. As Mark S. Brown notes in a piece about positive attitudes:

President Thomas Jefferson said, “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” Keeping a positive attitude can be challenging in certain situations. Here are some lessons I have learned that help me.

1. Protect myself from negative attitudes that I encounter. If I am not careful, I find myself adjusting my attitude to those around me. Attitude is contagious after all. But when the surrounding attitude is negative, I must be strong enough to keep my positive attitude. I have two choices, allow my attitude to influence others, or leave the situation.

2. Focus on tomorrow’s possibilities rather than yesterday’s results. When I find my attitude slipping away from the positive, it is usually because I am too focused on what has happened rather than the opportunities of tomorrow. Walt Whitman said it best, “Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.”

3. Learn more about myself. Carl Jung said, “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” When I find myself getting irritated, it affects my attitude. The aggravation however is within me, not with the other person. If I spend time understanding myself, then I am better prepared to turn negative situations into positive situations.

Sounds like the kind of thing the Gronk put into action every day of his career. And considering that he had his share of injuries over the years, that may have been a factor in him announcing his retirement at age 29. Gronk was fabulous and one of a kind! He will really be missed.

No matter what your goals are in life, you can learn something from the greats who keep on moving, keep on working, keep trying to get better. Stay positive, stay focused, and work toward your dreams. You—and only you—can achieve them, but only if you work hard to make it happen.

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