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Keep Calm and Increase Workplace Productivity

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Work can be hectic. In fact, it can be downright miserable to keep your head above all of that tension. So what if one simple thing could help you tread those stressful waters more easily?

The folks over at Think Smarter World know their stuff when it comes to ways of having a positive impact on everything around you. Be it your job, family or school, their tips could help you change your world. So they must really know what they’re talking about when they say that one way to survive workplace anxiety is through mindlessness. Wait, what?

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How could that possibly help any situation at all? Well, it turns out that can actually alleviate some pressure. Think Smarter World explained:

When we quiet the constant chattering of our minds we are more easily able to concentrate, are less stressful, and ultimately more productive.

The thought process behind it is that we need to try to be in the now. If you can leave behind all the noise in your head, you’ll be more aware. So how did this realization come about? From sitting back and being conscious of others. What is it that strains our hold on having some peace on the job? It’s something that becomes a driving force in (sometimes reckless) thoughts and decisions: Fear.

Was the project done correctly? Were there typos? Why does my boss want a meeting with me?

It’s easy to get sucked into that fearful mindset, but now add in all of our assumptions. With the high expectations we set we place even more anxiety on ourselves: I really deserve that raise. Will I get it this year? I shouldn’t have to work on weekends. I deserve a better office.

None of this helps you to have a serene place in your head. So instead of dwelling, try to take on Think Smarter World’s mindset:

He would not fear of what could come in the future – a demotion in a re-org, or even a loss of his job. If those things happened, they happened. He would deal with them at the appropriate time if necessary. And, he eliminated the expectations we all like to carry about what future rewards we are entitled to. From now on, he had decided he would be content with what he had, where he was in the organization, and what his responsibilities were.

With peacefulness comes more efficiency. In fact, we’ve talked tips for increasing employee productivity before. Contact our business improvement consultants if you are looking to become more effective at your profession!

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Alyssa Shea

Alyssa Shea

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