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Jose Altuve’s Stature Never Holds Him Back

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Facing adversity is a part of life, no matter the challenge. And despite how it appears, it’s about perseverance and following our dreams. So what’s stopping you from accomplishing your goals?

Jose Altuve is the Houston Astros second baseman. Altuve is 27 years old and in 2017 he made the All Star team for the fifth time. Altuve won his third batting title this season. He also led the American League in hits for the fourth consecutive season. Altuve has won a Gold Glove and is a three-time Silver Slugger award winner. The American League MVP will be announced in the next few weeks, and Altuve is a strong candidate to win it. Jose Altuve also has led the American League in stolen bases on two occasions. This success hasn’t come easy for him, either. Altuve sat down with ESPN to talk about his career thus far and he was very open and candid during the interview:

Believe it or not, I have had to battle for every single hit. To even be considered for an MVP award is fairly awesome for me. I’ve realized pitchers are making more adjustments this year; they have more of a plan. They don’t throw just any pitch over home plate. I’ll keep getting pitched in the same way, and when I make them change the way they’re pitching when I start hitting them well, they will change it up. I’ve had to work pretty hard for every single hit I’ve had this year.

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Jose Altuve is 5’6″ tall and the size of his heart is incredible! Altuve is from Venezuela and teams shied away from signing him because he is so small. Finally, the Houston Astros gave him $15,000 to sign with them. Once Jose Altuve signed a professional contract there was no stopping him! Altuve is the shortest active player in Major League Baseball and he is one of the game’s best players. Jose Altuve has added power to his game; he has hit more than 20 home runs in each of the last two seasons. He started off the 2017 Post Season by belting three home runs in Game One of the Divisional Series vs. Boston. Hall of Famer Phil Rizzuto stood 5’6″. The lesson here is that in baseball you can still succeed even if you are a little guy.

If someone like Altuve can persevere and follow his dreams, why can’t you? What’s holding you back from achieving your goals? Jack Klemeyer sees a lot of this in his coaching business and he spoke about it in this article about misconceptions that hold back your growth. He says there are three total that may be keeping you from seeing the success and growth that you have been craving. They are called “growth gaps.” The one that really caught my eye that I’m sure we’ve all faced was about inspiration.


When I coach people toward achieving their goals, and they haven’t been doing the tasks they know they need to do, one of the biggest excuses I hear people say – or sometimes not say – is, “I don’t feel like doing it.” Granted, we all have days where we don’t feel like doing something. But motivation is not going to strike you like a lightning bolt from the sky. No one but you can provide the motivation necessary to get going. Like the Nike company’s slogan has said for years: JUST DO IT! Once you start doing whatever it is, the motivation will come, making it easier for you to continue. One trick I recommend people do is, every morning before you begin your day, say, out loud, 50 times: “Just Do It! Just Do It! Just Do It!” etc. That should give you the motivation you need to get up and at it.

If you’re having trouble feeling inspired, maybe keep Altuve in mind. He surpassed everyone’s opinions and has become a force to be reckoned with, even though he may be short for a baseball player!

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