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Increased Productivity Pays Off In Seconds

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When it comes to business process optimization in the office, many of us have the same goal in mind: to enhance productivity and increase satisfaction. And while process improvement is a great start in the journey, there’s one key factor we should all keep in mind when setting our sights on achieving optimal results in any given process.

Practice makes perfect. For some, these words revert us back to childhood—where writing our names, our letters, and our numbers seemed a never-ending and painfully boring task. For others, we’re reminded of the days in athletics where strategic plays were ingrained in us through repeating drills and relentless scrimmages. Yet, it’s hard to deny that the benefits of repetition in everyday life is (and continues to be) an extremely influential component to our development and success.


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One such example is the Indiana University basketball win over Kentucky. As many may recall, in mid-December IU basketball fans were in their glory when, in a matter of milliseconds, a last-minute play brought victory to the Hoosiers. It was an exhilarating moment not just for the players and fans, but for their coach, Tom Crean, as well. Take a look at his reaction in the short, but oh-so memorable video (direct link here):

Business process optimization and organizational productivity come through diligence and practice. In basketball, many organized teams run drills called “end of game” scenarios. For hours, coaches have their players run three-second, five-second, ten-second drills that mirror potential situations that creep up in the final moments of a game. In the case above, it is clear that the winning play wasn’t just about pure luck. It was the product of relentless practice and endless dedication on the part of players and the coach.

Sure, the parallel between basketball and business may not be the most obvious of comparisons to some of you. But one thing is for certain: whether we’re playing a game, running a company, or fueling a career, we all strive to grow in knowledge, improve in skill, and to expand our opportunities. Plus, the thought of practicing crunch-time scenarios should be something that’s relatable to anyone. Yes, your business probably won’t have too many situations where you need to do something in three seconds or you fail, but there may be a situation where being able to think on your feet could be the difference between landing a big client or losing one. The best way to be prepared when the unexpected happens is to have a full knowledge of what to do in any situation.

Not only does practice make perfect, but perfect practice makes perfect. Don’t be lazy in the way you prepare within your business unless you want to be lazy when it comes to actually implementing whatever you practice. You can be sure that Indiana’s basketball team wasn’t loafing through the drills their coach had them run. They’re at the top of their field due to their dedication and the hours of perfect practice they put in. That’s the sort of thing that can make even a 1% difference. And clearly, 1% was enough for Indiana to beat Kentucky. There may be similar situations in your processes where 1% could be the difference between reaching your goals and falling short of them. Don’t let a lack of perfect practice bring you down.

So, regardless of the hoops you may have to go through to achieve process optimization, take the time now to practice and perfect your game. Your dedication and focus will make you a better person every step in the journey and will one day pay off immensely!

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