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Improving Productivity With Interior Design

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Most companies are most concerned with their branding. Especially when it comes to the outside of the building. But what about inside the office?

Bigger logos with brighter colors means more attention. Yet with all of this attention to design, somehow the interior of companies has been left behind. With the endless options for unique websites and nifty business cards, it’s easy to choose ways to make your company stand out. But the inside is as important as the outside.

Most retail companies realized this already and have created their own interior space that you would recognize anywhere. Places like Starbucks, Target and McDonald’s have a design that is simply all their own. The Worcester Business Journal Online reported on this, stating that it really is necessary to have your company’s identity not only outside but inside as well. Brent Maugel, who is the president and owner of Harvard-based Maugel Architects, agrees whole-heartedly:

“Nobody really wants an office space that people don’t recognize as being some place special.”

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Maguel would know, as he currently works with firms that are looking to add some zest to their drab workspaces. But not only are companies concerned on what tiles to select or which colors clash, they’re also concerned with creating their own atmospheres. Many businesses are looking to create open conversation areas instead of having huge, formal conference rooms. Not only does this reduce square-footage, but it creates dialogue between coworkers. Most have moved away from overhead projectors and instead group around each other’s computers to work on projects together.

Not only is it how the office looks that has an effect on productivity, but it’s also the architecture:

How a workplace is designed can also boost productivity, according to a recent survey by Gensler, a global architecture, planning and design firm. Its 2013 survey of more than 2,000 U.S. workers concluded that workplace design that supports the ability to focus and collaborate can boost business success and help employees thrive.

Robby Slaughter himself has spoken out about how workplace productivity is affected by workspaces. There are plenty of ways to spruce up your office which can only help increase efficiency. But this may be best left in the hands of interior designers. If you are looking for more information on how to see productivity growth in your company, contact our business improvement consultants here at AccelaWork!

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Alyssa Shea

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