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Improve Concentration and Boost Productivity

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We’re all busy. We have a ton of things going at the same time. Phone calls, emails popping up, and co-workers stopping by to chat are interruptions we face daily. So how can we buckle down and improve concentration? has published an article based solely on how to improve your concentration. Some of the tips may seem like common sense, so why don’t we follow them? Let’s take a look at their top 5 tips.

concentration and increasing productivity

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Cutting Out Noise

This seems pretty simple and straightforward. If you want to be able to focus better, the chaos of background noise certainly needs to go. But we tend to forget that the alerts on our phones and computers, the loud ringtone from your cell going off or even the fax machine beeping down the hall can be super distracting. Shut your door, put your phone on silent, and hunker down!

Understanding Your Objective

This is great food for thought. With social media and funny videos of cats playing just a click away, it can be easy to become sidetracked. You have to remember what your tasks for the day are and what you need to get accomplished. Maybe put a sticky note on your monitor to remind you of your main goal that needs to get done that day. That fulfilling feeling of completing work is far better than a funny video of a dog playing piano (though they’re both pretty awesome.)

Planning Your Time

Our time is precious. We only have so many hours in a day to complete our tasks. This tip of planning out your time in blocks is a great idea. Need to respond to emails? Dedicate only 15 minutes to that. Once your 15 minutes are up, close out your email and move onto something else. It’s easy to get sucked into one task and forget about the others. This way, you’re spreading yourself out evenly.

Expecting Road Blocks

We here at AccelaWork know what stress can do to productivity growth. Unexpected delays and roadblocks to completion can add stress to anyone’s day. Say you have all your time set up into nice blocks. You’ve closed the windows and doors, silenced your phone and avoided being sucked into YouTube for hours. But something happens. An emergency pops up and throws your whole plan out of whack. Panic ensues and you feel like your whole day is lost to chaos. Stop and take a breath! Things happen that are totally out of our control. Just pick up where you left off and start over again. Don’t beat yourself up if your day didn’t go as planned. There’s always tomorrow.

Be Patient

Deadlines are probably the chief source of stress in the workplace. The approaching tension of having to have a completed project can make even the bravest person sweat. Sometimes that can cause us to become pushy and out of sorts with our coworkers, especially if they’re dragging their feet on an important part of the project. Those instances can translate into long-term problems among colleagues. Deadlines can also cause us to skip over important details in the rush to complete an assignment. That habit results in loss of quality, and possibly even the loss of our jobs! A better result is to adopt a patient attitude. You’ll find your co-workers much easier to work with and more likely to get that critical piece to you on time or even early…and you’ll be more careful with your own work, too.

At AccelaWork, we help businesses every day become more efficient in managing their workflows. Contact us today and let us help you concentrate on improving your business’s productivity.

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Alyssa Shea

Alyssa Shea

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