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Are You Honest About Being Distracted?

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If your manager asked you to be honest about distractions at work, would you tell the truth? Surprisingly, most of us aren’t honest about work interferences.

A study by Udemy In Depth: 2018 Workplace Distraction Report has revealed that distractions in the workplace affect 69% of those surveyed. They also found that even though 70% of those polled think that some type of training could help them, at least 66% of them have never even asked their managers about such training. Also, most of the respondents were younger or newer to the workforce and reported that they struggle to separate their work and home life. They also found what the source of the disturbances tends to be:

Respondents called chatty coworkers the leading cause of their distraction, followed by office noise, feeling overwhelmed by workplace changes and social media. Sixty percent of respondents also said that meetings are a source of distraction.

Here at AccelaWork, we know how painful meetings can be. In fact, we even try to give you some tips on how to escape meetings if you can. We even talked about those distracting, chatty coworkers and how absolutely annoying they can be.

People Who “Blather Nonstop About Their [Fill in the blank]
Whether it’s their wedding, their weekend, their pets, their kids, the big game, the popular movie, or their vacation, people love to talk about stuff that has nothing to do with work at work.

While a little socializing can be fine, the purpose of work is to get things done. Talk too much about your personal life and you’ll make people crazy.

Not only that, but they found that most people wish they could work remotely instead. Why? Because it would lower their workplace distractions. 52% of those surveyed said they are definitely more productive when they can work remotely. At this point, you may be thinking, “How can we fix this if our employees won’t tell us they’re struggling?” It’s definitely a tricky situation. You could take charge of the situation by providing a mandatory training day that includes tips on how to stay on task while working. If you’re struggling with what suggestions and tips to provide, here are some tried and true methods that may help!


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Turn Off Your Cellphone

If you can’t turn off your cell phone completely, at least put it on silent and make it hard to reach. Stuff it in your belongings inside a drawer or leave it in your car. It’s easy to just pick up your phone and tap around, it’s mostly out of habit at this point.

Have Dedicated Times To Check Your Email

Don’t leave your email open all day! I can’t stress this enough. You don’t need every ding from a new email grabbing your attention and pulling you away from whatever task you were working on. Check it at the top of every hour or maybe twice before lunch and twice after.

As for solutions on the company’s end, you can try these:

Schedule Fewer Meetings

Ever been in the middle of a task or project and have to tear yourself away for another meeting? Whether you believe it or not, the majority of meetings are huge distractions and usually end up not even being all that helpful. They cut into work and can decrease productivity pretty easily.

Re-Think Your Apps

Some companies provide apps for their employees to use, such as Slack or Skype or other means of messaging and video conferencing. Is it possible you may have an app overload? Sit down with IT and find out which are actually used regularly and get rid of the rest.

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