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Hobbies That Will Make You Happier and More Productive

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To stay happy and productive, you need to have hobbies that you can turn to in your hour of need. Motivation and self-talk help, but hobbies keep you powering through and on the right track.

Want a spark of inspiration? Here are nine great ideas that you can try today.

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1. Cooking like you’re a professional chef

The great thing about learning to cook like a chef is that you can start eating like a chef. Tasting your food whilst you cook it is great fun, and sitting down with your partner and your friends to enjoy something amazing will be even better.

Find recipes that start you off with simple basic techniques, and then keep perfecting them until you feel ready to put your own twist on things. Once you do that, you’ll be ready to tackle some seriously tasty exotic dishes! Ideal if you want a hobby that seamlessly fits into your everyday life.

2. Taking walks in the morning

Having a dog is a great way to give yourself plenty to do. The act of getting up half an hour early and giving your furry-friend a quick walk around the block is a great way to get the day off to a fast start.

3. Painting allows you to express your creative side

The visual arts may not have been the first thing that jumped into your mind, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But once you plant the creative seed, you’ll find that you have all sorts of ideas you want to put down on paper.

4. Writing will enable you to get things off your chest and process your emotions

Any of the writers will write in their spare time, and they’ll all tell you it relaxes them.

Putting pen to paper is such a relaxing thing to do, and you can do it in just a few minutes a day. The more you get into it, the more time you’ll find to do it and the more you’ll enjoy. Sounds like a hobby that’s made in heaven!

5. Running is a great way to get in shape and love the way you look

When you want to get in shape and relax, there’s nothing better than working up a sweat on a morning run. With so much pressure to look a certain way and to indulge in healthy choices, you might be quite stressed out over the way you look.

Ignore fad diets and restrictive eating, and start a hobby that makes you look and feel great. As you get fitter and stronger you could even enter a few organized runs and get a medal for all your hard work. Ideal if you want to be able to look back with pride and get a real sense of achievement out of your new hobby.

6. Yoga is a great way to relax and tone up

If you want to figure out how to stay happy, yoga needs to be right near the top of your list of ideas. The relaxing breathing techniques combined with a healthy dose of exercise are everything you need to look and feel great. Ideal if you want to get more done without ever having to stop smiling.

7. Reading widely will allow you to explore new and exciting ideas

Reading is such an underrated hobby that it’s a wonder more don’t do it. Non-fiction books let you introduce yourself to a whole range of new ideas that could transform the way you see your place in the world.

If you combine that with plenty of escapism and relaxing fiction, you’ll be able to sit back and unwind whenever the mood takes you. Ideal for de-stressing when you get in from a long day at work.

8. Gardening gets you outdoors and busy creating something you can be proud of

Gardening is a great way to get creative and transform your outdoor spaces. As well as teaching you plenty of new hands-on skills, it allows you to take pride in creating something from scratch. As the seasons change you’ll have a stunning view out of your window that ebbs and flows. Ideal for sitting back and taking pride in what you’ve created!

9. Playing a musical instrument will get you thinking in a new way

Elisa AbbottIf you want to always be positive, then you need to have music in your life. Listening to Spotify is great, but what you really need is the ability to create your own music. Choose an instrument that will allow you to explore your passion for music, and then make the time to practice.

It’s such an amazing way to unwind and spread a little joy into your life that you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

Elisa Abbott is a freelancer whose passion lies in creative writing. She completed a degree in Computer Science and writes about ways to apply machine learning to deal with complex issues. Insights on education, helpful tools and valuable university experiences – she has got you covered;) When she’s not engaged in assessing translation services for Writersquad you’ll usually find her sipping cappuccino with a book.

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