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Here We Go Again Part 2

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In our last post, we started to explore the reasons behind what’s stopping us from achieving our goals. In this post, we will continue on with that list and more!

What dreams have you not fulfilled due to a lack of action? Have you ever thought about what’s stopping you from attending that program you’ve had your eye on or that one idea that could yield huge success for you if you tried? We all have let our dreams fall to the wayside, but why do we do it? What example does this set for young entrepreneurs? If you didn’t have a chance to catch the last post about why we end up with all these ideas yet zero action, you should do so before reading this post. Let’s carry on now with the last 3 reasons in our list!


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If you are certain something will work, there is no risk and you will likely take action. On the other hand, if you are uncertain–and most things are uncertain to some degree–you wonder if it the risk is worth it. So what do you believe? Do you believe your actions will pay off or not? If you aren’t sure, how much effort will you put into it? Will you hesitate? Postpone? Procrastinate? Go at half-speed?

Or maybe ‘it’ will work, in someone’s hands, but you don’t believe it will work in yours. In other words, you lack the confidence you need to get it done, and the risk is too great. Each of these issues can be addressed by having a powerful purpose–and an inspiring set of goals to achieve. When these are strong enough, they make the potential reward that much bigger and alter the risk-reward ratio in favor of action.


Sometimes it comes down to fear. You have a vision and a purpose, and you think the risks are acceptable. But what if it doesn’t work out. Then what? That’s fear. It won’t work out the way you want it to. What will you be left with then? Or even worse, not only will it not work out, but something bad will come as a result of it.


You just have other things to do. Like what? Like the day to day stuff of running your business or doing your job. You can’t just keep piling it on, can you? The question is, are the things you are already doing all worthwhile? Are they taking you closer to your goal or farther away from it? Should some of it be delegated? Should some of it be dumped, or put on the back burner? To move forward you must weigh what you are already doing against where you want to go (your purpose and goals.) If your existing action set is effectively driving you towards your goals, there’s no need to do more. But if you aren’t moving sure-footedly in that direction, then you need to shift things around and make room for what will.

You may have to realign your priorities, and reevaluate your options so that your available time and energy is dedicated to moving in the right direction. What about you? What stops you? Any one of these six things can hold you back, or it may be a combination of things. Once you identify what stops you, it is much easier to address and get moving. Now you can transform your ideas into an action plan. We do this and more here on the Think and Grow Rich journey. Maybe you will join us to realize your goals!

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Jack Klemeyer

Jack Klemeyer

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