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Gmail Plugins That Will Boost Your Productivity Growth

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Is your Gmail inbox a nightmare? Well you’re in luck! We’re spreading the word on some plugins that will help you escape this bad dream.

Gmail is massively popular, both for work and personal use. We here at The Methodology Blog know how hard it can be to navigate through email overload and somehow improve your productivity at the same time. This is where plugins can come in and save your life. Most of us aren’t even aware these exist!

Lifehack hosts a series on their site called Ask The Entrepreneurs, which is a great way to get some solid advice from successful business people. Not surprisingly, the question of how to manage your Gmail inbox is posed. Multiple entrepreneurs chime in with their favorites and we couldn’t agree more with their choices. Check out their list and our thoughts below!

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1. Rapportive

It can be a nightmare to try to keep clients and coworkers straight in your head. Rapportive gathers some background information on them so you can actually put a name and a face to that email address.

2. Send & Archive

Part of the reason we love this plugin is because it’s free. The other part is that this is like having your own personal inbox cleaner. All you have to do is hit this button after you respond to an email and it neatly archives the whole thread, keeping the clutter at bay!

3. Ecquire

This blends the use of a CRM system with your inbox seamlessly. No more bouncing back and forth, trying to make sure you grabbed all your pertinent emails. One click and Ecquire sends your emails and contacts through.

4. Boomerang

Wish you could schedule your emails to be sent throughout the day? Now you can. Not only will Boomerang do that, but it will shoot back important emails to your inbox to remind you to take care of them. It’s like a personal inbox assistant!

5. Email Game

This is a personal favorite of mine, probably because I love video games so much. Email Game will chronologically give you your emails one at a time. You have to respond as quickly as you can to earn some points. It’s fun, and before you know it, your messages are all taken care of!

6. KeyRocket

Wish you could learn all those nifty shortcuts on your keyboard? KeyRocket will show you the way to move at lightening speed through your inbox.


Have you found yourself drowning in a ton of newsletters you either forgot you signed up for or didn’t realize you would receive on a weekly, sometimes daily basis? Install this plugin to help you unsubscribe to them in one sweep!

8. Dropbox

The free email that Dropbox provides may seem like just another thing you have to check. Yet it really helps organize your inbox even more by dumping them into one folder.

9. FollowUp

All you have to do is blind copy FollowUp and this little helper reminds you of that email to your specifications. Not only that but it merges with your calendar so it will remind you even if you forget to remind it!

10. ActiveInbox

ActiveInbox works by turning your inbox into an efficient task manager. Your emails become tasks, lets you put due dates on messages, creates an email to-do list, and so much more.

11. Auto-Advance

Have you ever found yourself sending an email, then staring at your inbox again, trying to figure out what to do next? Auto-Advance doesn’t give you that opportunity. It moves you right onto the next email after hitting send.

12. Canned Responses

If you use a specific format for an email, be it for customers or clients, Canned Responses will let you save that form and insert it into future emails. No more copying and pasting!

Looking for more tips to stay productive? Reach out to our organizational productivity consultants today for more information!

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