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3 Free Apps That Will Enhance Small Business Productivity

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Most of us are always searching for ways to increase our productivity. And thanks to the ever evolving technology revolving around tablets and smartphones, even our desktops, there are countless new ways to boost efficiency. These apps are among the best ways to utilize all that technology at your fingertips.

Business2community provided this awesome list of these amazing apps. Check out their top 3 and our thoughts below.

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Evernote is the most well-known productivity app because it works on every device and is free to use (though a paid version is available.) It reigns supreme for a reason because it’s pretty simple to use. Everyone from your mother, to students, and business owners can use it to organize themselves. It works by taking the information you need, all the small details of your life, and storing it so you can easily be reminded later. All your notes, to-do lists, and photos are easily searchable which will definitely help out big time.


Yammer, like Evernote, is free to use. But that is where the similarities end between the two. This app lets your employees collaborate easily on projects. And that can be accomplished from any where and on any device. It’s pretty simple to use, which is mostly thanks to the interface which is pretty similar to Facebook. This is a pretty big deal for small businesses that are competing to fill up their ranks with new employees. The promise of new, innovative ways to use your creativity is a huge incentive. This app provides that and more.

Focus Booster

Most of us are inundated with messages, emails, and numerous other tasks that call for our attention everyday. It can be totally overwhelming. But thanks to Focus Booster, that issue will become nonexistent in your life. Using the Pomodoro Technique, which was created by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s, this app helps you to focus on certain tasks for 25 minute intervals with short breaks in between. This app can be used on your desktop, iOS 7, and Android and is totally free to use. Give it a shot, it may just help you restructure your work life.

These three apps, and many like them, are helpful to businesses of all sizes trying to increase productivity for there main reasons:

They utilize existing hardware

It doesn’t do a business much good to improve productivity if the cost of doing so creates a negative value proposition. Not only do these apps come without expensive licensing fees, they utilize hardware you’ve already got on hand. The only cost involved is the short amount of time it takes to download the app.

They work across multiple platforms Most offices aren’t “PC only” or “Mac only” nor are they necessarily limited even to desktop environments. Because these apps work across a number of different platforms, you won’t run into any inter-office problems with their use. Got a design team working on Macs communicating with a development team working on PCs? No problem. These apps speak all the platform languages fluently.

They provide mobile access

Perhaps most important in today’s work setting, these apps provide mobile access. They can be downloaded onto phones and tablets as well as desktop devices. So not only can they follow the worker from the desk to the conference room, they can provide the worker out in the field or the remote employee the same kind of productivity tools the employee sitting at his or her desk has access to.

Looking for many ways to become more efficient? We have plenty of posts on improving worker productivity. Reach out to our productivity consultants for more information!

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