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Five Telework Tips

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Although we’re Indianapolis consultants, we work anywhere. That doesn’t just mean travel, it means getting things done from our homes, coffee shops, hotels and airports.Here’s an article that offers five telework tips–not for Indianapolis consultants—but for government workers. Jean Fogarty notes:

The 2010 Telework Enhancement Act is changing the workplace landscape. As government agencies establish policies for working outside the office, many employees are no longer bound to the standard 40-hour workweek under the same roof as their manager.

This has its advantages. Telework can improve work-life balance, reduce the need for office space and real estate costs, curb absenteeism, and enhance recruitment and retention. Still, many managers are uncomfortable with this new office culture and worry about productivity.

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The suggestions are fundamental, but important. They include:

Cover the Basics

Managers and employees both should know the parameters for working off-site—such as who has authority to approve telework and which employees are eligible—and sign agreements

Also, the author suggests:

Check in Regularly

Regular communication ensures everyone is in sync and teleworkers feel connected to their colleagues and agency projects. Frequent check-ins are crucial. Asking questions is a powerful, and often overlooked, communications tool. Managers can use the answers to organize assignments, adjust workflow, and troubleshoot potential problems.

Like most business management advice, however, the real secret is in treating people like adults and focusing on meaningful results rather than watching the clock. We do the same with our Indianapolis consultants. We’re not worried about where they get work done, just that it meets the needs for our clients.

Does your office have a telecommuting policy?

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