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Faith And Belief In The Attainment Of Desire

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Do you believe in something? What does your faith have to do with your emotions? You may be surprised to find that faith and emotion are tied together very closely!

A group of us—thirty-one all together—are going through the classic book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Recently, we’ve been talking about faith: what the book describes as an “emotion” and “the second step toward riches.” The question was asked, “How is faith an emotion?”

Faith is believing in something. It is a confident belief in the truth, value, or trustworthiness of a person, concept or idea. It is the mental acceptance of the truth or actuality of something. In its positive aspect, it is a belief in the favorable outcome of anything undertaken.

Another way to think about faith is to think “absolute confidence.” When a person has faith in their beliefs then half of the battle to acquire success is won. It works like this: when faith is combined with the intention, then the subconscious picks up those ideas translates it into part of our identity. Ultimately, this becomes part of our intelligence. As I’ve said before, if you want to find success, it will come down to controlling how you think:

This positive mindset is not just for the participants, the leadership of the organization must, yes must, employ a positive, success mindset toward the training and the outcomes it can deliver. I’ve seen companies invest, thousands, even millions of dollars in a training initiative only to have it fall to failure because top leadership didn’t “really” believe that because of the training, better results would follow as the learning was implemented.

How You Can Develop Faith

The method by which one acquires faith (where it does not already exist) is very difficult to describe. Hill says, “Faith is a state of mind, which may be developed at will.” This feat can be accomplished after the thirteen principles which are listed in Think and Grow Rich. All thoughts, which have been given feeling and mixed with faith, begin immediately to translate themselves into their physical counterpart. The emotions or the feeling portions of thoughts are the factors, which give thoughts vitality, life, and action.

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Unfortunately, there are way too many people who lack faith in themselves; these people believe that they are doomed to poverty and failure because of some strange force over which they have no control. It might help to remember what the famous psychologist, Carl Jung said:

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

These people are prey to their own misfortunes because of this negative belief which, picked up by the subconscious mind, translates into its physical equivalent. It matters not the type of thought, positive or negative, as either will surely be translated to its physical equivalent. In short: be careful what you say to yourself because you’re listening.

Any order given to the subconscious mind with belief or faith will be met with success. Be a student of this fact and practice how to give your subconscious an order and how to have that order mixed with faith. Your ability to do this successfully will come through practice. It cannot come by simply reading instructions. The lessons are learned by the experience of doing.

Your aspirations, goals, and dreams begin in the form of thought! The size of your goals are only limited by your mind where the thought was put into motion. Faith removes limitations! Be wise, move forward and work on this ability to develop faith where it doesn’t already exist. Do this and take a few minutes each day to read the classic, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. This book has helped guide many wayward entrepreneurs and business owners.

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Jack Klemeyer

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