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The Experiment Is Over. Work Has Changed.

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Put away the notebooks. Toss out the lab coats. The experiment has been declared a success. We are now in production on a radical new way of working.

That’s the sentiment of an Ebook from Kelly services. In their summary, they write:

Business colonies, synchronized workforces, and skill-set modules are all examples of workplace concepts that can “shake up” an employer’s thinking when it comes to their resource planning. These concepts not only promote knowledge sharing, but also have the potential to help companies save money while still striving towards improving the quality of their process and, ultimately, their products.

Here’s the full slide show:

The document is meant for businesses in the sciences, but applies well to all fields. Here are a few highlights:

Modern thinking demands the realization that work can happen anywhere and at anytime.

We agree. As we like to say, Work is not place you go, it’s a thing you do..

Free agents are also realizing that they are no longer on the fringe or considered “inferior” next to their full-time peers.”

We agree. In fact, we’ve been known to point out that every job is a contract job.

76% of full-time workers would leave their current jobs if a better opportunity came along.

We agree. We’ve pointed out before that your disengaged workforce Is heading for the door.

The experiment is over. Work has changed. Business is no longer about requirements—it’s about freedom.

Have you adapted?

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