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Entrepreneurship Means Time Management

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Time management is an essential skill for any professional. But it may be more important for entrepreneurs, given their role in defining and improving business processes.

Our own Robby Slaughter wrote about this topic for the Entrepreneurship Advancement Center:

It’s an absolute rule of business: people who are able to be successful are those who are exceptional at managing their own time. I’d argue that there are no examples of successful people who aren’t also extremely conscious about how they use their time. But why is time management a second class topic in entrepreneurship? Why do we place our own personal productivity behind topics such as financing, team dynamics and product design?

This isn’t the first time we’ve discussed time management here on The Methodology Blog, and not even the first time it was covered for entrepreneurs. But the fact remains: people who get more done in less time are more efficient, and therefore more successful.

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Or, as Slaughter states:

If you consider yourself an entrepreneur, you had best be an expert in managing your own time. Be conscious about where you spend your minutes. Once gone, you can never have them back.

What do you do in order to manage your own time effectively?

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  • Booktup

    I totally agree if you want to run your own business you need to excel in time management or you will be miserable and unsuccessful

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