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Entrepreneurs Chime In On Productivity

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Starting out with a new business can be exciting and terrifying. Time is of the essence! So what can you do to use your time wisely and make it count?

The business world can be scary. Sometimes it feels like one false move could cause your whole house of cards to come tumbling down. So CNN posted a Business Insider article where entrepreneurs were asked to chime in with their productivity tricks. And we couldn’t agree more with their ideas! Every entrepreneur could use an instruction manual when it comes to startups. Here are some of our favorite tips with our own two cents, too!

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Tip #1. Beth Doane, founder of Raintees, lets all calls go to voicemail.

    This may seem like a terrible idea, but it’s actually a great tip to practice. Doane explains that she lets all non-scheduled calls go straight to voicemail. If she didn’t, she would never get anything done. Check your messages during a carved out time block of your choosing!

Tip #2. Eric Casaburi, founder and CEO of Retro Fitness, multitasks by combining a “brainless” activity with a “brain-required” activity.

    Casaburi may be onto something, here. He insists that multitasking can help you improve your productivity but only if you’re combining the right activities. He goes for a walk on his treadmill to help stay fit while doing conference calls. He stated:

    “For example, you could exercise on a treadmill, while taking a conference call (something that I do frequently),” he says. “Yes, you will be winded, but I assure you it won’t affect your thinking and communication skills. In fact, there are studies that show the brain neurons fire off at a higher rate while active!”

    If this isn’t something you see yourself doing, try combining some other activities. You could organize your files while on a business call, too!

Tip #3. Jamie Wong, founder and CEO of Vayable, schedules three non-work-related activities a week that nothing can interfere with.

    We here at The Methodology Blog know how important it is to take the time to improve productivity. But sometimes, you need to take the time to have a life outside of work, too. Wong realized that most of her daily schedules and plans were being interrupted and broken. So she schedules 3 activities she always keeps – to “create,” “love,” and “grow.” Go take a cooking class or have dinner with your family. Your entire life isn’t dedicated to business!

Tip #5. Kate McKeon, founder of Prepwise and Prepwise Games, utilizes Fancy Hands’ assistants-for-hire.

    McKeon, an instructor at GMAT, created a test prep organization for students who are undergoing GMAT and SAT tests. She found herself leading two small startups and drowning in tasks. So she turned to Fancy Hands and watched her productivity soar.

    “In some cases, I have them do preliminary research on market segments so I can make a high-level decision very quickly,” she says. “In other cases, I break up a very complicated project into small enough pieces that can be done with a series of tasks. I had them sort through a 15,000 word glossary for wrong words, and it only took two days.”

    It’s okay to lean on outside help. You won’t be able to manage everything alone, so why not split up some of your duties and hand them off to someone else’s capable hands?

Tip #7. Roger J. Hamilton, founder of the XL Group, categorizes every task as a “project” or a “process” and then strictly manages them.

    When Hamilton isn’t conducting motivational tours, he’s leading the charge in his property, financing, business coaching, and event management companies. How can one man handle all of that responsibility? He and his team found a trick. They categorize each task as either a project or process. He then automates or outsources each process that he can so he can focus on the projects. This is a great way to stay organized.

Are you finding yourself in need of ways to increase your effectiveness? Contact one of our organizational productivity consultants today!

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