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Employee Satisfaction and its Effect On Customer Service

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Indianapolis-based image coach Starla West dropped into a Jimmy John’s franchise to buy a meal. Little did she know that her entire day would be transformed by the experience.

Here are a few of her own words on the visit:

As I pulled into the drive-up, I was slouching in my seat with a facial expression that screamed, “I’m tired!”

When I rolled down my window, I was immediately greeted by an energetic and enthusiastic voice that said, “HEY THERE! Welcome to Jimmy Johns! How are you doing?”

Somewhat taken aback, I immediately sat up. I was prepared to answer the normal, “May I take your order?” not “How are you doing?” so I collected my thoughts and then replied, “I’m a doing very well. How are you?” The young man said, “Hey, I’m GRRRREAT! Thank you for asking. What can I get for you today?”

I literally felt this man’s smile and energy oozing through the speaker.

West goes on to explain how the personal presence of this employee had a dramatic effect on her own mood. That’s a great lesson for those in customer service. However, there’s something more profound about the interaction. It highlights the power of a topic we’ve covered many times before: employee satisfaction.

employee satisfaction

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Productivity at work isn’t just about our output; it’s also determined by how we feel about our accomplishments. Those emotions are spread among the people around us through various methods. Just like Starla West was infected by the positive attitude of the Jimmy John’s staffer, your own attitude about what you doing at work will impact your clients, colleagues and even those in your personal life.

It is important to choose to present a good attitude. But it’s even more important to assess your own feelings about work. Productivity and satisfaction are innately connected. The best work environments are those where we are proud of the progress we make.

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