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Employee Productivity Is Helped (And Hurt) By Technology

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Improving employee productivity is often the goal of new technology. But technology can hinder employee productivity as well.

In a blog post from the show All Tech Considered, Yuki Noguchi writes:

Worker pay is the most expensive line item in the budget for most businesses, which means billions of dollars are going to waste.

But here’s the silver lining: It turns out lack of productivity presents a big business opportunity.

Employee Productivity and Wasted Time

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The NPR piece is right that there are tons of challenges to being efficient at work. And although it’s not easy to measure employee productivity, the author tried installing a software program intended to do just that:

With good reason, it turns out. My report said on my best day, I was only 68 percent productive. [Software creator] Hruska says mere awareness of where time is spent and wasted improves typical users’ productivity by 10 percent.

But productivity isn’t just about saving wasted time or eliminating distraction. Increasingly, it means adapting to a workforce that’s changing demographically.

The advance of tablets and Web-based computing makes it possible for more people to work remotely, but that also makes interoffice coordination a greater challenge.

We certainly agree. Check out the full article (including podcast) on their website.

And then, get back to work.

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