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Devoting Time To Online Marketing

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AccelaWork’s founder set out to reveal his secret to great online marketing. His tool for the demonstration? Writing a meaningful blog post in a mere eight minutes.


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Robby Slaughter’s guest post, Devoting Time To Online Marketing, was featured on the Delivra Blog.

For your reading convenience, the blog is below:

I started this blog post at exactly 8:30:00 and I have the clock running on my screen while I type. The pressure is on to produce three hundred words as quickly as possible, but more importantly to make a serious point: great online marketing is about efficiency and effectiveness. I want to be fast, of course, but I also want to write great copy.As I pass the one minute mark (yes, just now—I type pretty fast) the core message I want to share with you is that all marketing is about storytelling. In the email format, our ability to tell stories has some constraints and some advantages. We generally can only use the written word and a simple images, but we also have the tremendous advantage of knowing something about our customers. You can insert their name in every post. You can localize the email message to their city or cross reference the campaign to past purchases. You can segment messages by employer or industry. You can tell the story that makes the most sense for the audience at hand.

At the same time, however, you also have the powerful opportunity to strike quickly and leave your customer with the desired frame of mind. As I approach three minutes and forty-five seconds, I’m hopeful that you are impressed by how fast I am producing this content. I’m especially eager for you to recognize that this is possible because of Delivra’s great technology as well as my writing process. Since both systems are up-to-date and well-maintained, I am approaching the 250-word mark in just over five minutes. I’m ready to complete this post in perhaps only seven minutes of writing time.

There’s more to the process, of course. Someone else will double-check my work for errors and typos, and make final preparations to schedule this blog post. The content will also be automatically picked up for use in email marketing newsletters by Delivra. It is these procedures, however, that make marketing effective. By leveraging our time and our resources intelligently, we can offer useful, practical and powerful information to customers. We can share our stories over and over again and build a reputation among those who want to do business with our organization. Marketing, in essence, is storytelling to an audience for the purpose of making commerce meaningful.

Eight minutes. Enjoy the rest of your day, however you choose to spend your time.

While you may not have the goal of writing a blog post as fast as eight minutes, this should serve as a good reminder that online marketing doesn’t have to be an all-consuming task. You shouldn’t be intimidated, thinking that there’s no way you have time to keep up with a blog or a social network page. I’m sure you’ve spent at least a few minutes more than needed checking Facebook, sipping your coffee, or even staring out the window. And you don’t even have to stop doing those things! Just convert a little bit of that time into some online marketing time and get ready to reap the rewards.

Unsure of how to start your marketing? Fear not! We can help! To learn more about AccelaWork’s services, consider reaching out to our business process transformation consultants today. We’ll get you headed in the right direction.

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