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Dealing With Coworkers You Can’t Stand

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If I took a poll right now and asked our readers if any of them have ever had to deal with a coworker that they absolutely couldn’t stand, I’d imagine the responses would be something like, “Literally every day.” There’s really no way to escape it. So how can you avoid butting heads with your fellow coworkers?

One thing I can say I truly don’t miss right now while I’ve been working remotely is having to work in an office with people. That sounds super antisocial but really if there was an empty office that I had to commute to every morning, I’d probably be more than okay with that. Unfortunately, we all can’t have our own buildings to work in alone, which means a lot of different personalities are constantly being mashed together. This is such a common problem that many people face when they show up to work every day. In fact, it’s so common that we here at The Methodology Blog have touched on how to deal with difficult employees in the past. Business Insider was kind enough to supply the public with a pretty great list of the most awful coworkers that we all can’t stand to be around and some pretty helpful ways on how to actually deal with them. I picked my favorite from their list of 22. Check them out below!


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3. Chompers, slurpers, and coughers

So not only is this gross, but it’s actually really common. I’m not sure if some people weren’t taught how to eat or maybe they just don’t realize how loud they’re being. Either way, it’s best to be direct with them and let them know they’re disrupting you.

4. Phone abusers

At my last job, I was the receptionist which meant I was front and center in the office. On top of that, cell service in the building was atrocious. So what did that mean for me? Every single person coming to the front to take phonecalls. There was nothing to be done about it for me unfortunately but the idea of putting up a “Quiet Zone” sign may help you.

6. Wannabe singers

I don’t know where this trend started with listeing to music on your cellphone without headphones plugged in and singing loudly, but I’ve come across these people plenty while I’m trying to peacefully pick out some produce at the grocery store. No one cares, shut your mouth and put your earbuds in! Maybe let your manager know and they can send out a companywide email.

13. Bullies

You would think that after you left the schoolyard, you would have left the bullies behind, too. Well, those bullies have grown into adult bullies. And what do all bullies want but some attention? It’s best to ignore these people or maybe have a private meeting with HR about it. Don’t let it slide because if they’re doing it to you, they’re doing it to everyone, and someone has to take a stand.

15. Partiers

The amount that I don’t care about hearing how drunk someone was over the weekend has skyrocketed the older I get. Yet for some reason, there’s always one person in the office who can’t wait to tell everyone how hungover they are or how crazy their weekend was, or maybe they keep trying to get you to join them. Be firm in your response that you’re uninterested.

21. Debbie Downers and Negative Nancys

I could easily write an entire article about these types of people because for some reason, everywhere I’ve worked, I seem to have drawn them to me like moths to a flame. I guess the saying “misery loves company” is pretty accurate. The best way I’ve found to fight back is with positivity and keeping distance from them.

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Alyssa Shea

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